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Gemsona Maker (Steven Universe) (189,973)
randomizes your gem and its location!
31 cartoon
Steven Universe Weapon (136,424)
You're a Crystal Gem!
You as a Ghoul! (34,325)
Yourself as a ghoul in the Tokyo Ghoul universe. Update: Added ratings!
What's your alter ego? (28,866)
If you were thrust into an alternate universe, who'd you be?
Your Troll romance? (22,675)
Who are you with in the Homestuck Universe? What's your romance?
Undertale AU generator (15,692)
create an alternate universe for undertale (contains spoilers)
Your Steven Universe Fusion! (14,378)
What is your own fusion, and their traits? (Do name1 x name2, or their names together/ ship name.)
Fire Emblem OC Generator (14,363)
What kind of character are you in the Fire Emblem universe?
Your FE3H character! (14,159)
Who will you be in the FE3H universe?
Your Kagune (13,388)
What if you were a ghoul from the Tokyo Ghoul Universe? What kind of Kagune would you have?
Your Role in Tokyo Ghoul (9,382)
Imagine you live in the 'Tokyo Ghoul' Universe. Who and what would your fate be?
Gemsona Generator (Gem, Placement, Weapo... (6,524)
A Steven Universe gemsona maker that generates your gem's gemstone, gem placement, and weapon
Hetalia Role (5,964)
What would you be in the Hetalia Universe?
Alternate Universe AU Maker (5,204)
Get your own cool AU to live in!
Which Guilty Gear character are you? (4,867)
Find out who you are from the GG universe!
Which U.A. girl would you date? (4,686)
BnHA is bound to have at least some romance involved later on. But if you were in the universe, whic...
K-ON Member Role (4,518)
Diagnose your role as a part of the K-ON Universe
Gem Generator (SU) (4,262)
Generate your gemstone, it's location and your weapon. Based on Steven Universe.
Your Role in Fairy Tail (4,232)
Find out what your role is in the Fairy Tail universe owo
Your Ranger Name (4,015)
What's your role in the sentai universe?
Steven Universe Gemsona Maker (3,949)
This generator will make a gemsona for you, all you have to do is choose the gem.
Find out your role in the Persona univer... (3,389)
What persona do you have, what's your arcana, what's your level and who are you friends wi...
Who is your Steven Universe ally? (2,978)
What Gem would help you through thick and thin or just help you open that jar of pickles?
Your adventure in Magi! (2,928)
What do you do in the Magi universe? (Some probably make more sense than others, I need more ideas o...
Universe generator (2,794)
For generating universes and stories. Long results!
You as a Steven Universe Gem! (2,680)
What will your gem, weapon, and ability be?
What kind of species (2,667)
you are in your closest parallel universe.
Your stand chart (2,397)
If you were in the Jojo universe, this is what your stand's chart would be like. Unfortunately,...
Detroit: Become Human Life (2,081)
Ever wondered what your life would be like in the DBH universe?
Your RPG Potential (2,042)
Based on the Planner Scenario created by Alice Soft (i.e. the Rance series' universe). The aver...
Welcome to Utapri World! (1,997)
If you were part of the Utapri universe, what would your role be? And what would the boys think of y...
Yowamushi Pedal date, team, and biking s... (1,940)
What would you be like in the Yowapeda universe?
Which gem are you? (1,847)
Steven Universe gems :)
Power Grid (Marvel) (1,839)
Marvel universe Ability Status
Steven Universe Adventure Generator (1,834)
It's time for some wacky antics with Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl... and Steven! And pretty much...
Tales Universe Class (1,817)
What kind of Tales character are you?
Your esper skill (1,814)
Your esper skill from Raildex universe
Your NDRV3 Bestie (1,798)
Find out who your best friend would be in the Danganronpa V3 universe (Because why not)
1 by @Ouma_en
You as a Pokémon Gym Leader (1,711)
Find out your role in the Pokemon universe!
Steven Universe Gemerator (1,677)
This is to assign you your Gem and which Diamond you serve for the Discord server Steven Universe Ro...
Which Kekkei Genkai would you use (1,577)
some kekkei genkai would you use in Naruto universe..
What kind of anime character are you? (1,565)
See how you would end up as a character in the anime universe! (Some results were shortened to fit a...
Your Life in the Mogeko Universe (1,513)
B^) will update with more characters (includes most characters from wadanohara, the gray garden, ice...
1 mogeko
when you will meet bts (1,455)
when will you meet the kings of the universe
how many Pearl Points have you earned? (1,437)
Pearl Points are awarded for punctuality, perseverance and positivity! (Steven Universe)
Who are you in the Star Wars Universe? (1,395)
Find out if you have The High Ground
2D Universe (1,355)
Find out what is your 2D form.
Shingeki no Deaths (1,353)
If you were in the Attack on Titan universe, this is how you would die.
You are a crystal gem (1,339)
I am going to turn you into a crystal gem. :)
Your Past Life as Alien (1,316)
Determining your past life in the vast universe.
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