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how pure are u (217,044)
made by me
Your followers (55,838)
Ever wondered why people follow you? Maybe this shindan can give you the reason why!
What If We Kissed (46,026)
I used a lot of references and memes (credit to @poisonivykin on twitter for the Home Depot joke)
1 Like 1 Thing (33,806)
Post to twitter and get free likes, also feel free to personalize your diagnosis
nct as your twitter mutuals (29,231)
25 nct by @dongpyogf
Your Gay Furry Roommate (18,689)
Discover who your new gay furry roommate is, what he's like, and how you two will get along! #N...
Twitter Gakuen! (17,464)
Your twitter challenge (16,895)
Tell you what you are going to do depending on how many people retweet or favorite
your life on twitter as a gg stan (15,140)
who you stan, what kind of stan you are, and more
What Anime Girl Archetype Are You? Poll (13,711)
Create a Twitter poll using your results and ask your friends to vote on which they think you most a...
nct dream as your twitter mutuals (12,814)
jisung baby
what stan account are you? (11,671)
which twitter stan account stereotype do you fall under?
Your Tweetheart stats (11,540)
What makes you the Tweetheart you are? Random stats that you're better not knowing off what the...
Twitter Dare (10,340)
Can you do it?
A Letter From your Crush (9,148)
you got 1 new message. A short message but really important. Follow for updates: https://twitter....
Magical Girl Fabulous -Hyper- (8,294)
a strictly superior magical girl diagnostic device
Describe your Twitter (8,175)
Describes your Twitter in one word or phrase.
your gg stan twitter life (7,673)
who are u on stan twt
Your Deep Dark Secret (7,602)
Confess to Twitter!
Anitwitter Stat Simulator (7,259)
what are your anitwitter stats really like?
Witchsona/Wizardsona Maker (5,826)
Make your witch/wizard and draw him/her! If you want a different result, just try using your surname...
X1 as twitter moots (5,002)
You're now mutuals with X1 ❤️
RT Dares! (4,707)
What will you do if you get (x) RTs?
Twitter Follower Fun (4,677)
Some prompts to get to engage with your followers
Which FE:Fates do people see you as? (4,563)
Enter your name and put the options in the form of a poll, post it on twitter to see how everyone se...
Unstable Transformation Picker (WiP) (4,304)
You've incurred the wrath of Shindan and met with a terrible(?) fate! [CONTENT WARNING: YUCKY] ...
red velvet as your twitter mutuals (4,252)
your twitter relations with rv members
The Boyz as your Twitter Mutuals (4,113)
the boyz as your twitter mutual~
keysmash generator (4,109)
a keyboard smash generator, including examples lovingly culled from real life stan twitter tweets lm...
Your Chaotic IDOLiSH7 Scenario (4,075)
Time to put yourself in a chaotic situation in i7 ;) Contact me on Twitter if there are any problems...
Robot girl generator (3,844)
Generate a robot girl character! This one is a bit detailed so it probably won't play nice with...
loona as your twitter mutuals (3,283)
just loona being loona
Twitters (3,122)
Find out what your twitter name means! Enter your twitter username here.
Your Twitter Type (2,830)
how do u twet?
Risky RT Dare (2,806)
Another Twitter RT Dare Shindan, this one with a bit more risky results.
Gender of the Day (2,777)
Summon the queer oracles to tell you your gender of the day. I apologize if your Gender gets too ...
What If We Kissed Part 2 (2,621)
I like this better than the 1st one and there are a few things that doesn't make sense if you&#...
What&039;s Your Demonsona! (2,516)
There's a lot of Sona's out there, fur, cat, dragon, nurse ,witch, persona and now demon! ...
good morning twitter (2,467)
Tweets an ephshi like tweet hooray good life decisions
Seventeen as Twitter Mutuals (2,426)
(i saw this done for loona and nct so here's a svt one)
x1 as your twitter mutuals (2,416)
yes im copying my own nct shindanmaker
SnK Twitter RT Dares (2,369)
just in case anyone's bored... (there's some non-SnK dares inside too)
0 snk
Weird Twitter Name (2,273)
because the other one wasn't really that good
kpop ggs as ur twt oomfs (2,209)
who are ur girl group oomfs and how do they feel abt u
You're thinking of.... (2,130)
READ HERE FIRST!! - Think of the first person/thing/image that came to your mind when your question ...
Which Ateez member has you blocked on Tw... (2,084)
Stan Ateez
0 by @woosyungs
This is How Your BOOBS like. (2,042)
The result is joke. For any help, here is my twitter: https://twitter.com/IdelHahaha ^_^
stray kids as your twitter mutuals (1,987)
idk boy
3 by @yuziwai
ab6ix as ur twitter mutuals (1,761)
this is so humiliating
Followers on Death (1,697)
How many Twitter followers will you have when you die?
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