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Your Anime Looks (205,992)
Your Steven Universe Fusion! (14,913)
What is your own fusion, and their traits? (Do name1 x name2, or their names together/ ship name.)
What is your "hentai" trait? [... (14,258)
The girls in the fanservice rom-com anime "Hensuki: Are you willing to fall in love with a perv...
Character Trait Generator (7,448)
Need help with a character you're writing? Maybe you just want to see what you'll get :)
Character Creator [Personality] (5,749)
gives 1 positive, 1 neutral and 1 negative trait, 2 hobbies/interests, a favorite + least favorite f...
11 traits
PP check (4,714)
PP traits test
Your real self (3,674)
Discover what traits you have inside and out.
Which Magic can you Invoke? (2,792)
"Magic" can be considered as dependent on your soul, whose specific traits are manifested ...
Personality trait test (2,333)
Find your TOTALLY ACCURATE personality traits and their percentages here.
Random Character Traits/Quirks (1,441)
Get inspiration for characters! 3 random quirks from a list of 125.
Dere Randomizer! (1,431)
Just a test, since I've never done one before!
Fantasy Traits (1,229)
Your title and most important stats in a fantasy world.
Rounded Character Personality (1,187)
A simple shindan to give a name some positive and negative traits.
tumblr personality trait gen (1,099)
there are only so many personality traits you can legally have so how do you rank on all of em // th...
what type of demon phannie are you? (994)
learn your phannie traits
1 by @oqua12
Your Fantasy Characters Traits (900)
your fantasy character traits [updated 1/18/18]
0 by @nuttfucc
character quirks (841)
quirks / traits / trivia
Style Check (811)
A few style traits to give u aesthetic (or horrible) wardrobe ideas!! :)
What animal traits and personality do yo... (569)
Find out what random animal traits you have for the day, both physically and in personality!
Personality traits % (561)
Something clearly made for fun. Are you shy, confident, maybe sarcasm runs in your blood? Find out!
The Sims 4 Sim Trait Generator (503)
What are YOUR The Sims 4 traits?
Random traits or something (487)
kind of just random. a test.
SU: Random Gemsona!! (370)
Randomized gemsona traits
OC Trait Dispenser (362)
Knock yourselves out. Traits were anonymously submitted. All were included. I'm sorry.
1 by @arceonn
Your Sims 3 Traits (357)
If you were a Sim, what would your traits be?
when you wanna create a character without putting thought into them :D (PCO = perceived by others. P...
Character Traits Hook, Line, Sinker (316)
Diagnoses traits that get you every time.
Character Randomificator (298)
What are your true traits?
What you would be like as a teenager&039... (294)
Please do not hate me if some of the results are like your OCs. It is not necessarily BAD, as long a...
Personality diagnosis ^-^ (267)
Just a quick diagnosis on your personality traits!
Random generator traits character (215)
Deduce traits, what he likes or dislikes and what scares him.
another dang oc maker (193)
i keep making these 2 fit my needs.... this time its just a list of traits !!!
Randomize a D&D Character! (184)
Playing D&D but don't have any ideas for a character? Let this decide for you! Includes spe...
what’s your video game character? (181)
enter your name to see your character traits and stats!
you as a clown (170)
if you were a clown, what would your traits be?
1 by @soft6uzz
Skills & Traits (157)
A simple script, equipped with many possibilities! Will be constantly updated, adding more unique tr...
Leo check (108)
Check how strong your Leo traits are
whats your homestuck troll (106)
generates some traits for a troll
Physical Chara (Human) (97)
Just some traits. Make them ocs babey :)
Chara Make Fun (62)
Some traits for OCs & stuff :)
Character Traits (42)
This Shindan tells you the magic traits of your character!~
Seven Heavenly Vitrtues (42)
Your best traits according to "Christianity" or whatever.
How Eiji are you? (29)
This diagnosis will scan your DNA for any Eiji-like traits you might possess.
Morning Musume &039;20 16th Generation M... (21)
As a new member of the 16th generation, what traits will you have, and will you win over the fans wi...
Traits (21)
What Sinhole Traits Do You Have? (18)
This shows your traits for Sinholians.
Bori Traits (2)
A simple diagnosis that uses just one list.
0 by @iBoriRL
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