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How Attractive are you from 1-100? (189,069)
This will tell you your attractiveness from 1 to 100. (Please remember that this is all for FUN! Ple...
Your Color (Pantone) (193,212)
What color represents you? | https://www.pantone.com/color-finder | This is getting so popular, than...
Your PP size (139,233)
This diagnosis uses big brain to observe your pp and determine its power level
Are you dumb? (101)
This will show you if youre dumb or not.
Your Activities With Sakamichi Member (109)
Are you study from home? Work from home? Can't go out? And you got bored with all of these? Pla...
See what your Stats are just like in a g... (93)
This is to see your Stats.
Beastars Oc Maker (6,873)
In this generator find out what species you are, your back story, your role in society and your name...
can you fight god? (82,761)
hi!! this is just a "god"/all powerful figure in general!! not trying to be mean against p...
What are your stats as a waifu? (501,420)
How good of a waifu are you? Take this shindan to find out!
Your new OC (54,498)
This will generate a new OC for you!
Hot! 59 OC
How Edgy are you? (87,962)
This shows how much of an edge master you are.
whats ur a/b/o status/scent (85,616)
i am NOT a furry this is just fun a nd jokes I SWEAR IN MY LIFE JUST LAUGHS
Demon Slayer OC Creator (83,217)
What kind of swordsmen will you be if you were in demon slayer? Give this a go and find out!
God Stats (235,625)
This diagnoses uses the chart function =CHART() in order to create a radar chart.
what your demon version looks like (98,230)
this is you as demon
Boku no Hero Academia Life (60,046)
How would you live in this world of supernatural?
Persona 5 Phantom Thief Character Genera... (51,993)
Your very own Phantom Thief! This generates a Phantom Thief from their codename to hair color. I rea...
FNAF Animatronic OC Generator (29,116)
Enter your name, and this generator will create a FNAF OC from it!
Ethnicity generator (39,435)
This generator will give you an ethnicity. Since people can be many different mixes of ethnicities r...
Hot! 12
Hot anime female generator (72,854)
This is fun to draw, I think :D
How you'll look in an anime (376,919)
I really like this kind of stuff ._. Have Fun (^-^)
What’s your compatibility with BTS? (245,469)
This blew up on TWT lmfao wyd guys 👁👄👁 but fr thank u for checking this out & check out my other...
are you babey? (132,342)
take this shindan to find out if you are babey!
How do you die? (127,927)
The Undertale OC Generator (117,648)
Generates an Undertale OC for you. .... this one got crazy real fast and I'm sorry. Last senten...
top/bottom alignment scale generator thi... (98,827)
this is a gays only event cishetties go home
9 by @vampys
Love Letter Confession!~ (97,313)
There's something in your locker... What could be hidden within this heart-stamped envelope?!
43 by @_emitan_
RPG Character Types (76,890)
I'm sure this has been done a bazillion times before but here's my take on it. Enjoy~
Complete Fate Servant Generator (76,323)
This Shindan tells you what kind of servant are you in Fate series. It includes: 1. Class 2. Alignm...
RWBY Semblance Generator (72,901)
This is a brainstorming generator for all the RWBY OCs out there. I've added some and corrected...
Personality Test (72,462)
Don't be rude..... unless this Shindan says otherwise
When Will You Lose Your Virginity? (10/1... (64,804)
I got bored. This is purely for fun (not that kind of fun).
9 by @cycycyan
Your followers (56,105)
Ever wondered why people follow you? Maybe this shindan can give you the reason why!
Relationship with X1 (54,337)
Let's be delusional just this once XD Inspired by this en.shindanmaker.com/783780
What kind of poople are you (51,163)
This will be the most accurate thing ever
relationship with seventeen (48,099)
I got inspiration from this: https://en.shindanmaker.com/780350
who is ur kpop idol soulmate (45,642)
there are two different outcomes to this diagnosis.
[ You&039;re A God! ] (39,881)
You're now an immortal divinity. What are you god of? (This shouldn't be taken that seriou...
Your Fate Servant (38,862)
The servant you would summon during the Holy Grail War. Includes 99.9% of all the servants in the en...
Yandere Simulator Student Maker (35,702)
Note - For best results, enter your FULL name for diagnosis (you don't have to worry about midd...
How salty are you? (35,091)
This shows how salty your are at anything.
How obese will you get and why? (33,859)
Yet another generator that describes how awfully fat your character has gotten and how they ended up...
fvck marry kill [EXO] (33,397)
lets play!! (*^3^)/~♡ [please remember that this is all just for fun]
Spin the bottle ~ MUAH! (29,963)
LOL this oughta be interesting! EXO!!
How trash are u (28,143)
This shows how trash u are
Who is your Love live waifu (27,813)
this is serious business
(NSFW) Smutty Dungeon Adventure (26,436)
Going solo inside an unnamed dungeon... What will happen to you? The results are created in a way th...
「Death Note」 (24,393)
The human whose name is written into this Shindan will die. Yeah right.
Your Furry Male Blind Date Generator! (22,842)
You've been set up for a blind date by your friends. They promise that this guy is a hunk and t...
Aesthetic name generator (22,658)
Made it because why not! Colors are aesthetic and so is nature! This is my first shinda;;
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