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Legendary Sword Generator (12)
What great blade will you wield?
Demon Slayer OC Creator (122,459)
What kind of swordsmen will you be if you were in demon slayer? Give this a go and find out!
Your life in SAO (175,804)
You're stuck in Sword Art Online, how long do you survive?
Siapa kalian jika masuk dunia anime ? (43,190)
Ingin tau jadi siapa kamu jika masuk dunia anime ? masukkan nama panggilan kamu dan lihat kemana tak...
10 Anime by @Fawxyz
Your SAO Avatar (14,675)
Find out your Sword Art Online avatar. Updated!
Tourabu Verse (12,897)
so you're a... sword
Touken Ranbu:How do you look like as Swo... (9,138)
You are a sacred weapon created by Saniwa sama to defeat all evil force and bring back peace. From T...
What is your legendary weapon? (6,477)
A lot of heroes in stories have their own special weapon. A holy sword, a giant scythe, sometimes ev...
Your TouDan Husbando (6,404)
Which Touken Ranbu sword is your husbando (´∀`)♡
YOUR SWORD~ (6,396)
Are you a swordsman? No? Well... If you were, your blade would be like this.
Tourabu kiss time~~!! (5,605)
When your swords love you too much (?) (updated 9-9-2020)
Touken Danshi&039;s Confession (5,189)
Your sword boy has something to tell you. What's your reaction?
5 Games
your sword husbando (4,831)
find out your Touken Ranbu mate
Player (3,976)
Sword Art Online
Sword Art Online Waifu (3,794)
SAO Waifu
Your Touken Ranbu husband (3,632)
Saniwas in sword boys hell
Sword that suits you the most. (3,529)
Which Zanpakuto will choose you?
What Type of Sword Are You? - Touken Ra... (3,521)
If you are a sword, what kind?
SAO Weapon Skill (3,062)
Weapon Skill Generator from Anime SAO(Sword Art Online)
Forge your Nichirin Sword!(`Δ´) (2,954)
Generates the colour and properties of your sword. Non-canon details but it's just for fun ;)
Sword Art Online Life and Stuff (2,931)
so yeah how long did you survive etc etc etc
Elsword Soulmate (2,488)
Which Elsword character is your soulmate?
One Piece Fighting Style (2,381)
How do you fight in the One Piece world? You can decide how many pistols or what type of launcher/sw...
Sword Generator (2,327)
|| Lookin' for a new sword? How 'bout this one? If you ain't fond of it, come back to...
A Date with Touken Danshi (2,137)
you go on a date with the sword boys, what will they say to you?
0 Games
What is your Loftwing? (1,985)
Based on Skyward Sword; what loftwing will you have?
What Touken Danshi will you get? (1,952)
Sooo you're going to craft a sword after taking this shindan, and this shindan can foresee the ...
0 games
Which Touken Ranbu group do you belong t... (1,946)
Find out which school / group you belong to!
What is your character in ALO? (1,941)
ALO stands for Alfheim Online. It's a similar VRMMORPG to Sword Art Online.
SAO Class (1,805)
Sword Art Online RPG Class
Steven Universe - Gemsona!! (1,416)
find out your gem, its location, and your weapon :3 (excluding the crystal- and homeworld gems, thei...
What Fate/ Series Servant Class are you? (1,321)
Will you be a Skilled Archer or a great swordsmen? Perhaps a Crazy Berserker!
Sword Master (1,302)
Elsword Character Generator (1,297)
Generate your own Elsword character with three different job trees!
Which Elsword Character are you? (1,290)
Which one are you? Post your results on the thread!
What Kind of Swordsman Are You? (1,242)
Your sword fighting style!
your tourabu first time (1,169)
sexy times with sword boys
which TKRB sword are you most like ? (1,032)
Based on the JPN shindan (https://shindanmaker.com/647648)! The shindan is meant to be made into a p...
Your Sword (1,013)
I'm Japanese. I'm sorry if there is wrong English.
Insert a friggin name
Your Touken Ranbu Team (826)
gives you the 6 swords on your main party!
You In Sword Art Online (765)
What would you be like in Sword Art Online?
perfect sword (685)
your perfect sword
Which Elsword Class Are You? (672)
Which one are you? Then post on the thread please!
0 by @NuisArms
Sword Art Online 2 (640)
Which Elsword Character Are Yo (638)
Elsword is a game, which you can play at elswordonline.com
0 Games
What&039;s Your Weapon? (624)
A weapon makes a knight, and you are a knight. So what is your weapon?
What would you look like as a Touken Ran... (557)
Find out what you would look like as a touken danshi!
Which Elsword character will marry you? (541)
Which of the playable characters will you end up marrying?
Your Magical Sword! (509)
Ever want to slash down your foes with an enchanted blade?
2 by @aonyx
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