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What is your stand? (149,026)
Find out what your JJBA stand would be.
Your Stand/Spirtual manifestation Name (7,471)
Stands are spiritual manifestations that appear standing next to you and help their users in battle,...
What is your OC like? (6,465)
If you don't know, OC stands for Original Character.
Which stand would you have? (5,376)
You've been pierced with a mysterious arrow, granting you an ability known as a "stand&quo...
What is your Jojo stand? (2,663)
Find out your Jojo stands here! If you want a name, just take a music band thingy and boom you got i...
Super High School Level Shindan V3 (2,555)
Since Danganronpa V3 is on its way here, I decided to remake this old shindan of mine. :) As usual, ...
Pokémon Transformations! ...? (2,521)
In front of you stands a machine offering free Pokémon transformations. However, the machine's...
What is your character in ALO? (1,707)
ALO stands for Alfheim Online. It's a similar VRMMORPG to Sword Art Online.
Your True Stand (1,069)
This Diagnoser thingy will tell you what your what your true stand is taking all stands from the Joj...
「JJBA Stand」 (913)
Generates a stand and a requiem to it. Yes I'm aware requiems work on par with the situation. I...
Jojo Stand Stats (706)
Determine your stand stats and description.
Your Stands Name (409)
This Shindan will give you the name of your very own JoJo Stand
0 by @PaulBanim
Can This Guess Your MBTI Type? (404)
MBTI stands for Myers-Brigg Typer Indicator. Your type shows how you interact with the world around ...
Jojo Stands (200)
What stand are you?
How good is your stand? (164)
Chiekawa (36)
Wa stands for waifu.
Stands (23)
0 by @PDHicks99
The world requiem (12)
stop the time infinitely, steal the powers of the other stands
i love iced coffee (2)
i study management in an university, i want to have a boyfriend who's taller than me and great ...
0 by @izzuru
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