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Furry Male Science (7,577)
Time to test on some male furry subjects! So grab your lab coat and have some fun! It contains musc...
Shrink Ray! (5,633)
You've been zapped by a science beam and start shrinking! How small will you get!?
Push the Button! (4,947)
You decided to visit a science lab and saw that there was a button on the wall with a sign above it ...
What will your cum taste like [yes total... (2,777)
You're given the choice to change the taste of your cum thanks to science, but its based on you...
OTP fluff scene generator (2,638)
I don't know if this will make anything reasonable but let's do it for science ok?
What Disease you would likely develop (586)
What Periodic Element are you? (515)
Just search up "They Periodic Table Song".
What Political Alignment Are You (444)
Tells you your political alignment based on science.
Hard Matter Classification (372)
Using patent-pending science™, TDXLabs will analyze your (male) equipment.
TDXLabs Medical Drug Generator (357)
TDXLabs Medical will develop and release a new drug with (parts of) you as key ingredient, ready to ...
The universe has influenced you (356)
They entirely have effects on you.
What Type of Science Employee Are You? (346)
Find out which potential job you will have in the world of SCIENCE! Potentially NSFW.
Monster Girl Waifu (299)
What is your monster girl waifu? Find out with this super scientific test! Just enter your name and ...
Destined Pokemon Team (256)
apparently there’s only 809 registered pokemon (up to gen 8) but my list has 815 so uh.... anyways t...
Science Potential (254)
How worthy are you to be a scientist?
Assigns you on a spacecraft mission. Made this for the heck of it lads
bill nye the science guy (145)
bill nye the science guy
The likelihood that Jackie Chan will fis... (93)
this is science
what metal gear solid character are you (72)
for science mostly main characters/reoccurring
Dimensional Shadows - Illiadian Characte... (55)
Find out what Species you are and what Powers and Proffession you have from the Dimensional Shadows ...
Ironic Tester Thing (46)
This is a test, created to measure ironic influences in a person.
Computer Science (35)
I'm A Man That Respect Human Being But I Swear I Have Problem With Bitch In This World****Them
Gabut Level (9)
How much your kurang penggawean level?
Kxxden2 (8)
Ok have no idea how to do this and I am more then confused. But hellos my name is Kota. I’m not sure...
Your fate at AIR. (7)
It's 12:30 am and I'm bored. Will you live or die?
Crush-tu sur l*dia (1)
c pour la science
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