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Godtier and Land Generator! (13,829)
Find out what your Homestuck godtier title and SBURB land would be!
SBURB Destiny (3,852)
Your fate from the game SBURB
Your SBURB Experience, Part 1 (3,231)
A randomized SBURB experience for Homestucks.
Sburb Title Generator (3,188)
Find your Sburb title.
Your SBURB Experience, Part 2 (2,602)
Land of X and Y (2,263)
SBURB-inspired land generator
Sburb Title (2,201)
Sburb Title
Skaia (1,669)
Your sburb title and land!!
SBURB Player Data Generator (1,450)
Generates a title, planet, denizen, consort species and dream alignment.
Sburb Planet (1,176)
Shows your world in Sburb
Sburb session - 2 (Troll) (1,146)
SBURB session - 1 (1,108)
You and some friends are starting an Sburb session.
SBURB session - 3 (1,046)
Everyone needs a helpful sprite!
Sburb Land! (964)
The name of your planet in you session of Sburb!
SBURB session - 4 (962)
Deploy that pre-punched card!
Land of ___ and ___. What&039;s your pla... (631)
Generates a Sburb Player's planet.
Sburb Character Generator (589)
Learn your fate in the game of Sburb!
SBURB session - 2 (Human) (589)
This is you.
What's your Homestuck Title? (492)
Diagnoses your Sburb Title
Homestuck Players (383)
Diagnoses your [Sburb class and aspect].
1 by @Darkhogg
Your Classpect and Land (197)
Ever wondered what it would be like if you played SBURB, or just want ideas for fan characters? Crea...
Derse or Prospit? (189)
You sleep in your first night of playing SBURB. You wake up in....
Are you a Derse dreamer or a Prospit dre... (165)
A Homestuck & SBURB thing :]
1 by @Pounther
Sburb session - 2 (Cherub) (144)
This is you.
1 by @heecawroo
What is your troll OC? (126)
homestuck troll, sburb, sgrub, kids,
1 by @Pounther
What is your SBURB abstratus? (49)
just do it
0 by @Pounther
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