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What kind of Cybertronian are you? (9,590)
Find your robot spark!
I Am Gundam (7,539)
Diagnoses the mobile suit you pilot and your callsign
FNaF Robot Generator (5,734)
For develobing a FNaF Robot. Mainly for me.
Robot girl generator (4,003)
Generate a robot girl character! This one is a bit detailed so it probably won't play nice with...
Transformer/Cybertronian Name (3,196)
What is your designation? Transformers. I tried to make them all work together at least somewhat but...
Mechitter (3,190)
What mecha will you pilot? (Updated 5/4/12)
What Transformer are you? (2,834)
Diagnoses what type of Transformer you are.
What is your Cybertronian colour scheme? (1,840)
Give or take, most Transformers have around three different colours on their bodies no matter how mi...
Robot anime maker (1,644)
Turns your name into a robot anime title.
Where on Cybertron were you born? (1,544)
Cybertronians are created through two confirmed methods: they are either "Forged" or "...
SRW original robot name generator (1,524)
Generates an original robot name based primarily on SRW stuff.
robot test (1,464)
what kind of robot are you
0 by @easynam
Grand Cybertronian Taxonomy: What is you... (1,275)
Under Functionism your placement in the hierarchy is determined by your alt mode.
What Robot Master Are You? (1,177)
Find out what mighty boss robot you'd be before getting your butt kicked by Mega Man!
Robot Master Generator (1,159)
Find out what Robot Master you should create and what their boss weapon would be.
The Thirteen: Which would you align your... (1,125)
The Thirteen are the first Transformers created by Primus. Rightfully huge and powerful, each was de...
Which Transformers universe stream are y... (1,124)
The Transformers multiverse consists of at least 15,962,782 cataloged universal streams (1,176,325 o...
What would you drink most as a Cybertron... (1,120)
With the many drinks and beverages throughout The Transformers' many many universes having a p...
If you were a Transformer (1,099)
If you suddenly became a giant robot.
SRW robot stats (1,068)
Use with the robot name generator (http://en.shindanmaker.com/509451) to get your own robot!
Where did you receive your education on ... (1,001)
Many a facility on Cybertron to have earned an education,whatever (learnin) that may be.
As a Cybertronian what is your sacred ge... (978)
Anyway you look at it, The Transformers have some really really nice geometry, inside and out.
SRW robot setting generator (904)
Generates a robot's setting info.
What Super Robot are you? (805)
How hot is your blood?
What kind of robot are you? (767)
It describes your looks and functions as a robot.
2 Robot by @FyneQ
Ideal Robot Partner (680)
Find out what robot is your ideal partner!
what megaman robot master r u? (600)
****why can't the titles be longer
Robotsona (573)
Find out what kind of robot you'd be!
Which giant robot will you get ? (521)
It's war ! Russia or whoever invaded and it's time to fight back with your very own giant ...
0 Mecha
What&039;s your mecha like? (483)
Discover the unique giant robot you're destined to pilot!
Ambitions (448)
Find out your favourite robot's dreams.
Robot you (407)
find the robo-you!
0 robots
Robot generator (341)
Ever wonder what robot you could be? or maybe you just wanted a robot companion? give it a try!
How long would you last after the apocal... (305)
Zombies, Robots, atomic bombs? It doesn't really matter, your skills are what matters! See how ...
DMMD/Vocaloid crossover ship generator! (296)
Because they're a natural pair, really.
Your Robot (250)
As a genius inventor, it's only natural you decided to construct a robot companion. How did he ...
Commie twitter bio generator (239)
Stop working hard to be funny and let the robot create your very own communist twitter bio!
What is your cooking level? (192)
Old fashioned 2007 cooking. Straight out of the classic mmorpg oven. This will determine your cookin...
What type of Mechanical Being are you? (175)
Would you like to know more?
What Kind of Robot are you (140)
If you were a robot what would you be like?
What type of Sym are you? (133)
The web cartoon "Computer Showdown" tells the stories of Syms: beings that are sentient re...
You as a robot/Your mecha (121)
What it says on the tin.
Your Anime Mech (111)
ever wonder what your giant fighting (and possibly highly marketable) robot would be? lets find out ...
Chicks Monsters and Robots (64)
Lonely but friendly. Exentric. Passionate
Przepowiednie na fandemonium 2018 (54)
Beep Boop! Jestem robotem FD z przyszłośći. Dowiedz się co Cię czeka!
Your Custom Super Robot (39)
What Super Robot out of the series will you Pilot? And what kind of Rival will you face?
Znajdź robotę na dzisiejszą noc! (28)
Z kim się dziś zabawisz? Uwaga, może wyjść zabawa z samym sobą ;^) if you know what I mean~
0 by @SojaToJa
Eggman or Robotnik? (27)
Will you lend the beans a hand or two? (14)
I've to prepare Dr. Robotnik a delicious bean feast.
metal-robot (12)
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