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Pred or Prey? (95)
i hate this <3
Are you a predator or prey? (1,246)
Type in your name and find out. (Along with a small description)
Crush or Slush - The Predator Dating Sho... (1,637)
Welcome to Crush or Slush, the only dating show that pairs prey with predators to see if love can ov...
your vorish date (prey) (1,935)
I have decided to make a much more "wholesome" vore scenario creator. Simply put in the na...
Monster Hunter Monster Generator (1,168)
Creates a monster hunter monster name and stats from your name. You can also use this as inspiration...
Which bara furry will you vore? !!NSFW!! (5,869)
You have your prey right where you want them... Who are they, and how do you sate your hunger? LONG ...
Your Male Furry Vore Predator Generator! (8,709)
Someone is stalking you...they are very big and also very hungry. Who knows what kind of predator wi...
Your Male Furry Vore Prey Generator! (5,698)
As a big predator, you are always hungry and looking for someone to eat...someone BIG and beefy to m...
Vore prey randomizer (2,644)
Tired of writing vore fics with no insperation, well then may I introduce you to this thing! This is...
Amazonian Beastly Encounter (2,776)
( A Furry Muscle Femme Generator ) You awake on a strange island, a harsh climate where only the str...
How do you eat your prey? (14,606)
Find out how you most enjoy eating a big, squirmy meal...in detail!
Create a diagnosis
Make your very own diagnosis!
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