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Nightmare Animatronic OC Creator (3,575)
This generator will create a Nightmare animatronic for you. Created in honor of FNAF 4 Trailer.
Your OC Creator (1,296)
Create your own OC (including magical stuff)
OC and Weapon Generator (1,227)
Random OC and Weapon combination
Kengan Asura fighter OC creator (319)
Read the manga
Lookism OC Generator (194)
So you wanna attend JaeWon High??!?!?!??!
OC Generator or sumthn idk (87)
If you need any OC ideas you can use this!
Assembly Character Generator (83)
A generator for designing characters within Assembly canon. Made for personal/friend use.
What is Your Kongsona? (58)
Ooooooo, banana.
Original Chara Creator (58)
#occreator Another shindan that may give you some inspiration for your new oc(s)
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