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Naruto Character Generator (52,618)
Cement your place in the Naruto canon.
Naruto Stats (15,882)
What's Your Ninja Potential? Also find out your Chakra nature!
Your Ninja-Self (8,436)
Naruto based.
Your Naruto Shippuden Life (4,891)
How will you survive in the world of ninjas?
Your Naruto Life (3,174)
How will you survive in the ninja world?
Your Boruto Life (2,282)
How will you live in this modernized world of ninja?
Naruto: Love/Gender/Age/... (2,130)
Welcome. Just test. You will find out a lot of facts about you in the world of Naruto.
are you ninja? (1,421)
what naruto character are you? and why.
You&039;re a Senran Kagura Character! (1,240)
Its Ninja-time!
ninja clan here we stand
2 by @heartmush
Naruto Characther Power (1,095)
See what your Ninja Skills are.
You as Naruto character (740)
Find your ninja self!
who is stalking you from Naruto Shipudde... (658)
oh lets find out which ninja character is stalking you.. shall we??
Ninjago Elemental Power (627)
Elemental power
Apa tingkatan ninja mu? (566)
what level your ninja?
What type of Ninja are you? (497)
Discover what area of Ninjutsu best suits you!
NFF character Generator (459)
Random Ninja builder for Naruto final fight V. 4
Random Nintama Generator (378)
Generates a random nintama. Use it to find out what year and class you'd be in, or to create a ...
The possibility to use Rasen Shuriken Ji... (317)
Rasen Shuriken is one of the best ninja technique used by Naruto.
How to make Saizō smile (111)
Enter your name and see if you are able to make the ninja of Hoshido smile!
0 by @RisuTunes
what ninja are you (90)
yeet my bois you kids are the ninjas
What Mobile Game are You? (73)
Are you Subway Surfers, Candy Crush Saga & Soda, Temple Run 1 & 2, Talking Tom, Talking Ange...
what nsp song are you (71)
which song by Ninja S*x Party are you
Ninja skills (63)
discover your ultimate power to aid you in your journey
Rambosan (43)
0 by @mensadawg
Yuka daylight (27)
She is a vampire, pixie, reaper, ninja, and shapeshifter.
0 by @bear_gabi
ninja head (9)
Shaddai The Hidden Ninja (9)
Shaddai a young girl, who has lost her twin brother goes undercover as him and joins their village v...
Izninja (7)
Ian is gay
Find your Doc Johnsona (7)
here we stand with our ninja clan
0 bad by @ur_waifu
drakninja (3)
0 ma by @edyriski1
Leonheagle (2)
Je suis un assassin ninja , cherche pas sa existe pas
0 by @Leonou59
thesleepyninja (2)
to sleep or not to sleep
blogger (1)
blogger, otaku, ninja XD
0 by @ritsboys
PathlessNinja14 (1)
0 by @jcd2004az
Greninja (1)
Hellothereimalittleninjacat (0)
Im a ninja cat :3
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