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Bishounen Maker (73,489)
create your bishounen character!
Bishounen Maker v2.0 (22,302)
The original bishounen maker is gr8 10/10 but I just wanted to make my own lol and you might get a r...
Kemonomimi Bishounen Maker (11,336)
If just a bishie isn't enough for you, create your KEMONOMIMI BISHOUNEN CHARACTER! (*´▽`*)
Ship Success Meter (10,673)
100 different, permanent, results for your shipping needs!
Your Furry Wrestling Debut! (7,224)
The Furry Wrestling League (FWL) is full of strong, brutish men who love to wrestle and pin each oth...
Symbiotic Encasement (6,889)
What artificial or natural symbiote will take a liking to your body as its new and permanent home?
Undertale Battle (5,863)
What would your opponent's options be if they battled you? Make a poll, or post in a new tweet ...
Your shonen anime/manga character. (4,848)
Imagine you could live in a shonen world were all types of powers a possible, what would you look li...
Looks like you lost a fight, let's see what the opponent does to you.
Will *blank* Survive A Danganronpa Killi... (4,541)
This is based on this Shindan: https://en.shindanmaker.com/732361 But the results are permanent.
Vending Machine Danshi (3,442)
This is a magic vending machine which dispenses random drinks. Your name is the coin, are you ready ...
Bishojo Maker (2,929)
create your bishojo character- pretty much the counterpart of the bishonen maker o/
Hunter x Hunter: Skills (2,553)
OK, so you've got the basics of Nen down, but which of the advanced techniques are you most sui...
Shounen Hero Special Attack (2,369)
Diagnoses your Special attack in a Shounen Anime!
0 anime
What is Your Nen Type and Ability? (1,973)
What type are you and what can u do? Crack generator.
Bishounen! (1,911)
Are you a bishounen????
FGO Servant Card Generator (1,818)
"Yorokobe, shonen." Generates your class, rarity, alignment, cards, NP card, stats, 3 serv...
Hunter x Hunter Hatsu (1,643)
Check your compatibility with the six types of nen; the highest score is your natural type. Of the t...
Hunter x Hunter Nen Test (1,566)
Check Your Nen Type. Info anime terlengkap, kunjungi http://animeas.pun.bz
Bishie-Creator (1,551)
random bishie generator, get yours today!
Hunter x Hunter: Stats (1,439)
So you're learning Nen. Learn your base stats are now.
On what continent of Fire Emblem you liv... (1,019)
All of them are pretty, don't worry.
Otome Boy Generator (981)
Like the title says. enter a boy name~ I mean, you have to imagine the rest, still...
Bishie-dan creator (944)
A bishounen creator for the group Bishie-dan!
Your Shonen Jump Series (904)
what WSJ series are you?
Bishounen or Ikemen? (889)
bishie or ikemen?
Type of Bishounen for you (777)
To find your soulmate
Your Magical Girl/Boy Harem (771)
Your Harem consist of the following characters. Who's in your Harem?
Coniluentoni (751)
Etkö keksi aihetta luennolle vaikka kovasti tekisi mieli saada ilmainen lippu? Ota tästä muutama ehd...
0 by @khibzu
Which Naruto Eye do you have! (689)
Sharingan, Byakugan or Rinnengan
fluffycake&039;s FGO Servant Simulator (680)
Yorokobe shonen. This is what you will be like as a Servant. Now go forth and fight for the Holy Gra...
Hunter x Hunter Nen Type (679)
HxH Nen type
Mr. Kitkat (678)
Be lucky and use your name to get a Mr. KitKat! [23 Kikat Boys currently available] Collect them al...
¿Qué quiere decirte EXO? (549)
Los miembros de EXO tienen algo que decirte...
Rance Character Creator (547)
What would you be like as a character on the Continent?
0 Games
NUEST shounen-ai (467)
What is your Nen Power? (445)
Your Nen Power in HxH...?
Undertale Fight (390)
Put A Name Then The Opponent Will Choose Options
What would be your nen beast in Hunter x... (364)
Put your hand into the pot and...
Your Nen Type (356)
What's your nen type from Hunter x Hunter
Continent your kpop group is most succes... (339)
Which continent would your K-pop group be most successful in?
Shoujo Maker (261)
i love bishounen maker but i wanted one for excessively cute girls
Bishounen Maker 3000EX TURBO (258)
A new improved version of the good ol' Bishounen Maker I made a while ago. Make yourself a bra...
This diagnoses uses the chart function =CHART() in order to create a radar chart.
What's your Nen (219)
What Nen Category are you in?
What is your hunter x hunter nen type? (208)
Find out which nen type you are.
Your life in an anime world (186)
What would your life be like if you lived an an anime? Who would you be? Your role will be random b...
What Kind Of Mirror Force Are You? (178)
How do you sink your opponents into the abyss of bottomless despair.
How bishieeee are you? (175)
how bishoujo-bishonen are you?
1 by @Maaaaaisy
Your Smash Ultimate Battle (172)
Test your skills and luck as you take on an opponent in Smash Ultimate! Will you come out the victor...
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