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your dangan ronpa execution! (8,637)
u shouldnt have murdered ur friends bruh
What Danganronpa Character Kills You? (8,532)
Characters of 1 and 2. :D Also some beary special ones!
Murdered by an Idol (7,584)
Looks like you've possibly died at the hands of an idol. I wonder what happened... [Warning: co...
Ensemble Stars - Murder Time! (3,924)
Yumenosaki is just a breeding ground for idol murderers. (This was written due to someone tempting f...
Whats your Execution in Dangan Ronpa cal... (3,467)
Lets say you murdered someone and got caught. What would your execution be called?
What is your fate in Danganronpa? (3,434)
You were dragged into a Danganronpa killing game... Did you survive? TW: DEATH AND SUICIDE
Will You Survive Danganronpa?? (2,788)
Find out if you can survive a killing game!
F*ck, marry, kill!!!
Your Ace Attorney Date (2,107)
A romantic night filled with murder mysteries...
Murder Mystery Generator (1,586)
Your DMMD lover (1,377)
Dramatical Murder fans ( ゚▽゚)/
DR Murder Generator (1,302)
what the tin says
If you were the Dmmd Protagonist [R18] (1,090)
What would your fate be if you lived in Dramatical Murders game as the protagonist with Scrap power?
How many children have you murdered? (955)
Have you ever wondered how many children you've killed in killed in cold blood? Find out now!
How EXO Will Murder You (864)
cause of death
How character of DRAMAtical Murder are y... (766)
An uke like Aoba... A moai like Mink...
demonhunter (647)
metal, satan, pizza
Murdered by a Yugioh Character (638)
Warning: consensual murder
Objection! You as an Ace Attorney Charac... (609)
Polish your lawyer's badge, slick back your hair, and step into the courts of Japanifornia! It&...
DR1 Murder Generator (594)
If you wish to see how you or a character would die in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, you can see...
If You Lived In The Gameplay World (558)
Inspiration for those who are the DayDreamers... [Unrelated] If you're a fan of Dramatical Murd...
Who is your DMMD husband? (484)
Your husband from DRAMAtical Murder.
kutkop (291)
Danganronpa Murder Generator (266)
Funny danganronpa death generator!
★Are you lucky today?★ (220)
Let's get an omikuji to see if today is your lucky day... [Unrelated] If you're a fan of D...
Your American Horror Story: Murder House... (215)
What would happen to you if you were in the first season of AHS? Hopefully you like it! Sorry, this ...
1 by @reku_ri
Eyeshield 21 Murder Scenario (205)
0 by @firebomba
Are you the Murderer? (183)
Based off G-Mod's Murderer.
Your Combat Pet and their abilities (123)
ever want to know what fuzzy widdle murder baby you're taking into combat is? now you'll k...
TGWTG Murder? (119)
Kill which internet reviewer?
MG Ship Generator (116)
Type in the name of a character to have said character paired with a random PC from The Murder Serie...
who helps you murder who (106)
What is your Your Turn To Die fate? (91)
You are kidnapped forced into a sadistic murder game! How will you go through?
Murder City Wheel of Punishment! (81)
Come decide of the fate!
Flower, Sun, and Rain (80)
Flower, Sun, and Rain: Murder and Mystery in Paradise (based on https://shindanmaker.com/525171)
ABDE Murder oracle (60)
Who will kill your character and how often?
1 abde
What TMP doll are you? (47)
What doll from Trivia Murder Party are you?
jacob sartorious been murdered test (28)
jacob sartorious been murdered test VIBE CHECK
time for murder (22)
someone will kill you find out who you Cannot stop them. time die
moms house murder! (20)
who will die? uh, i dunno lol.
Did Niku commit.....MuRdEr??!? (11)
We deduce whether or not Niku, did in fact do the thing.
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