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A night with Mufasa (47)
You’ve been invited to the CEO of pride studios. Your told that the door is unlocked so feel free to...
FNAF Game Name Generator (104)
Do you need a good name? Just enter your main character's name, and see some names.
your self as a djinn (50)
magi djinn shindanmaker
D.Gray-man oc (62)
This is exorcist oc only. You will have innocence type, sync rate, general, looks and stats. Please ...
alien maker (72)
find out ur alien oc... ( or u as an alien! )
Your animal crossing looks (69)
Use this with https://picrew.me/image_maker/263812 to make your character! You can freely interpret ...
♡very detailed oc maker: girls♡ (130)
another oc generator!!!!
Feral Playlist Maker (40)
Make a playlist for your feral moments
Furry GF Maker (59)
What abomination of nature are YOU going to be dating?
puke maker (12)
make your ocs puke
W.I.T.C.H. guardian maker (129)
Who would you be in the universe of W.I.T.C.H? (genderneutral)
Rielle (2)
# shindanmaker
Problem Solver (12)
Gummy (9)
emboh (1)
#createdwithShindanMaker blablaa
sunny&039;s oc idea starter (10)
!!!!!! not a lot of choices right now, because i did it once with a lot and it broke haha
Destri (0)
annisalsabilaf (5)
bts diagnosis
Pelukabel (0)
Human Maker (50)
Basically what it sounds like
0 by @LeeBb19
idol anime coordnate maker (40)
☆a detailed coordnate designer, for all the uninspired idols☆
Abeee (11)
Abee (2)
godsona maker?????? (284)
feel free to use... Still a wip
fgo servant maker 2 (71)
test 2
fgo servant maker (57)
Gamliel Fishkin (4)
Hello world! I am Gamliel Fishkin. A bit programmer, somewhat sysadmin. Jew, citizen, linuxoid. See ...
What game Console are you 2: the Return ... (37)
VIDEA GAMEZ link to original: https://en.shindanmaker.com/244676
Someone from Mankai is Taking You on a D... (102)
A3! Date Maker
Let&039;s create your stand! (Descriptiv... (427)
The original kind of stand within you, wanna know about it? (kind of descriptive, please credit me i...
What are your D&D stats? (675)
Don't actually use this unless the DM allows it. We're getting close to 1000 uses! Thanks...
The boob opinion maker. (195)
Boobs. Everyone loves them. What're yours like? How do you feel about them?
pvz plantsona maker (60)
get assigned a plant. put on some pants. soil them.
Detailed OC Visual Generator (Male) (102)
OC generator with a detailed description, for male characters.
Detailed OC Visual Generator (Female) (100)
OC generator with a detailed description, I also included eye shape types, fashion main colors, and ...
DnD OC Maker (248)
A character creator for DND
Nyandorone (25)
A Nyan Maker
0 by @Nyankohii
what kind of witch are you (108)
Discover the witch within you
Cat Girl Maker (157)
since cat girls deserve some love too! credit to this shindan https://en.shindanmaker.com/959111
witch oc maker! (98)
an oc generator for witches! includes gender, fashion choice, familiars, and physical features.
Yanotich (1)
OC Generator Maker (173)
OC Maker
What Social Media Platform Are You? (104)
Are you Snapchat, Instagram, Tiktok, Tumblr, Wattpad, Vine, YouTube, or YouTube Kids?
What Mobile Game are You? (70)
Are you Subway Surfers, Candy Crush Saga & Soda, Temple Run 1 & 2, Talking Tom, Talking Ange...
Who would you be in an anime? (1,374)
Are you the protagonist, the rival, the character the protagonist loves, the best friend, a side cha...
What Hamilton character are you? (82)
Characters: Alexander Hamilton, Eliza, Angelica, Peggy, John Laurens, Lafayette, Hercules Mulligan, ...
Which Heathers character are you? (56)
If you don't know, Heathers was originally a move but got turned into a musical and I like it, ...
you as an anime idol (155)
This maker will describe what kind of idol you are!!
Ace Attorney trial maker (213)
You are wandering through the archives and you come across a particular case file... what do you fin...
fursona maker :3 (444)
find yr fursona!!!
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