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Relive as a Smash Bros. Fighter! (67)
You are reincarnated into a Super Smash Bros. character. Who would you be to become the Ultimate Sma...
Marimashita (0)
Super Smash Bros Fighter Generator (234)
What kind of fighter would you be in Super Smash Brothers? Find out here!
SAO Plot Generator (195)
Enter your name and generate a brand new story arc of the smash-hit isekai anime Sword Art Online, s...
New Name Creator (98)
Need to find a new name? Try this out. It's completely randomly generated [well, up to 7 letter...
keyboard smash generator yeet (84)
Smash Spirit (53)
If you were a spirit, what would you be and what battle were you?
Super Smash Bros Ultimate Battle Generat... (109)
This generator will create a battle for you to fight in Super Smash Bros Ultimate! Four players only...
Chances of getting into Smash (122)
Likely hood of getting into smash
Your real Smash tier (46)
Let's get ready to Smash!
Skendri (3)
Just vibin, I play smash and Splatoon, I make edits not much else to say
What Smash Ultimate Character are you? (259)
I'm gonna make this because i feel sad about myself (@_@) *depressed*
Your PJJ Partner (154)
the one who will smash you
What Smash Archetype Fits You (181)
Ever wondered what Smash Fighter Play-style fits you? Let a randomized generator choose for you!
SSS: Boss Battle Mode (135)
Test to see how far you can get in a boss battle mode! This time, there's twenty one opponents ...
SSS: Target Smash (62)
See how many targets you're able to destroy before time runs out!
SSS: 100 Man Smash (75)
Test to see how far you'd get in 100 Man Smash before getting KO'd!
SSS: Home Run Contest (78)
Test to see how far you'd hit in a home run contest, smash bros style!
Stand Mashup Generator v2 (45)
Mashup two Stands. Speculate on the resulting ability.
1 by @nortstare
Stand Mashup Generator (84)
Combine two Stands for fun and profit.
Government assigned Smash Bros main (105)
Your main will be decided here
You must fight a Cartoon Character (153)
Some of these cartoon stars are looking for a battle. Who wil you be pitted against?
Fck/Marry/Kill SSBU (206)
Typical****marry/kill for smash bros just with some more dumb shit added
What is Your Favorite SSBU Ship? (63)
What is your favorite (crack)ship? Includes everyone from fighters to assist trophies to really good...
What are you as a Smash Character? (2,201)
This will test what kind of character you are in smash. Will you be a hard hitter like Ganondorf or ...
Which Harry Potter Character Would Smash... (275)
Idk man.
Your Spiritual Smash Main (135)
This will tell you what your spirit smash character should be based on your name
Mashumingo (6)
Smash main (67)
Who do you main
Your Government-Assigned Smash Bros. Mai... (160)
the title is self-descriptive. will probably add more as more DLC fighters are added. (disclaimer: t...
Smash Ultimate DLC Generator [Generation... (60)
Smash Ultimate DLC (155)
Will ___ be included as upcoming Smash Ultimate DLC? Find out here!
Your Smash Score (84)
How smashable are you?
Smash Ultimate Main (219)
Having trouble figuring out who to play as in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate? Look no further! This S...
BTS M.A.S.H (192)
have you played MASH before?
super smash match! (373)
who is your opponent and who will win??
mashi (0)
i love mashiho
Masha (6)
Diagnostic results
What Way would you play original Smash? (35)
How would you play the orignal Smash Bros?
Wanna One drama cast (576)
Who would play which role in a K-drama with you as the lead? The drama is a romantic one with an ele...
Your Smash Ultimate Battle (214)
Test your skills and luck as you take on an opponent in Smash Ultimate! Will you come out the victor...
Which character from SSBU will fart on y... (472)
Which character of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will fart on you. (This is intended to be comedic!)
Your Shadow Self (951)
"I am a shadow, the true self." What would yours be?
Would ____ have survived the Smash Apoca... (371)
Everyone except Kirby gets completely eviscerated in the Smash Ultimate World of Light trailer! If ...
Who should you main in Smash Ultimate? (483)
There are 75 characters confirmed for Smash Ultimate! Who should you main? And who should be your se...
Who would you be shipped with in Smash U... (451)
There are 75 characters confirmed for Smash Ultimate! Which character would you be shipped with?
Smash Bros Ultimate Leak Generator (10,406)
What's the latest leak?
Your Overwatch Crack Ship (213)
we take two random characters and smash them together
Who are you a Smash Echo Fighter of? (472)
Find out who you are a Smash Ultimate Echo Fighter of! 100% LEGIT!
Smash or *smash* (178)
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