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Your Lucky Item of the day (60,410)
Ask Midorima Shintarou for your lucky item of the day nanodayo!
Furry Bara Bedmate (6,827)
Who's that lucky guy you love to sleep with?
Your lucky flower (5,953)
What flower is associated with you and what does it stand for? Please tell me if you know more flowe...
6 by @Desupoyo
Who will you have sex with? (4,981)
Someone got lucky~ But with who and where?
A date with Alfred F. Jones. (4,693)
Lucky you.
Legend Festival Luck Test (2,986)
Find out your lucky today.
got7....lucky 7!?? (2,399)
Touken Ranbu OTP Generator (2,006)
This is an OTP generator. Input your name and if you're lucky enough, your OTP will show up! If...
0 Games
SJ Lucky Fans (1,793)
What Kind of Fanservice from SJ will you get?
3 SJ Suju SJM
Todays Lucky Item (1,768)
Your lucky item for today :3
Horoscope~! (1,711)
¿How lucky will you be today?
Your lucky months! (1,703)
Some months are better suited for you, some are not. Find out here!
Fantasy rpg growth v.6 (1,445)
After a migthy deed or a lucky shot your physical stats received an upgrade! How do they impact your...
Who is your anime bf or gf? (1,192)
Who is your lucky guy/gal?
You run into a kpop idol. Who is he/she? (1,186)
Bc you're an idiot, u run into an idol while walking (lucky bitch) but who is he/she???
how rich are you? (1,173)
if you think you are lucky enter here.
Your anime story (1,084)
...and you're the lucky main character *^*
Who is your HxH Husbando? (1,012)
Who's the lucky guy? Where did you meet? ?? Find out now.
Lucky color of the day (963)
What color will bring you luck today?
What are your 10 lucky items, colors, et... (801)
Tell you your most lucky things.
Mr. Kitkat (786)
Be lucky and use your name to get a Mr. KitKat! [23 Kikat Boys currently available] Collect them al...
Which Cardfight Vanguard unit is your Wa... (733)
Let's take a guess at who the lucky (or terrified) lady will be! (Includes all the top tier wai...
Your Seventeen Soulmate till death (676)
My Bias is S.coups so to the people who got him, you're lucky af
0 Love
Your luck today! (660)
Check it out! See how lucky you will be today!
Fantasy Character + Interests (606)
An RPG Character generator. I guess. (May contain pervy results, lel. If not, you're lucky.)
1 by @TaisGap
Animal or hybrid? (532)
You might get lucky and be human
Find your lucky number, color, sign, food, and item! ♥
Trading this Pokemon gets you something ... (489)
Trading this pokemon (from the pokemon Go App coming out next year)
Hentai Matter (443)
Tell you lucky color today.
Your lucky color (416)
Top says it all.
Are you a muggle or magical? (416)
I'd say 1 out of 1,000 people are magical... Are you one of these lucky folks? The follow-up sh...
0 by @Pounther
What is your lucky color? (407)
What is your lucky color today?
When will you meet your Bias BTS? (378)
Can you find out when you meet your bias, will you be lucky to meet them now?
Day with Cross Gene (371)
You are one of the lucky people who gets to meet with Cross Gene. Congratulations, now let's se...
Which Lucky Star girl is your girlfriend... (364)
Find out which Lucky Star girl will be your girlfriend!
Fallen Angel (358)
happy go lucky
(SAMPLE) Lucky Color Today (346)
Tell you lucky color today.
Lucky Color Today (344)
Tell you lucky color today.
Lucky Item of the Day (330)
Use your name to find out what your lucky item is today
Lucky Touken Ranbu character of the day (309)
Which is your lucky sword today?
2 Games
Lucky Color Today 「Sunday」 (299)
Tell you lucky color today.
Infinite last juliet (286)
how lucky you are.. >//<
0 Love
How lucky are you? (285)
Luck be a lady
Casual Furry Hookup (283)
You've been flirting with someone in chat for a couple weeks and they've come to visit you...
Wow Wow VENUS slots (266)
Will you be lucky to land on a sensible VENUS lyric and "WIZAUCHUNAI"?
Who&039;ll Hire You? (222)
Find out who's desperate enough or lucky enough to get you.
What will you scout on Llsif today? (219)
Who will you scout? Are you Lucky enough for a UR? Find out!! | R %80 | SR %15 | SSR %4 | UR %1 |
★Are you lucky today?★ (216)
Let's get an omikuji to see if today is your lucky day... [Unrelated] If you're a fan of D...
(Violet) Favorite Color (209)
Tell you lucky color today.
Date with DC (186)
Find out who your lucky partner is!
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