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Your Furry Wrestling Debut! (11,792)
The Furry Wrestling League (FWL) is full of strong, brutish men who love to wrestle and pin each oth...
League Waifu (5,277)
Find out your League of Legends waifu here with the Pairing Eligibility Reactors of Valoran! ♥
Bara Ivy League (4,145)
An ivy league school for bodybuilders, lifters, and all around big guys? Good thing you got a specia...
Which LoL champion are you? (3,982)
Find out which League of Legends champion you would be.
1 by @Wh1teWu1f
How will you beat Ash at the pokemon lea... (3,096)
He just can't catch a break
League of Legends Adventure (1,674)
See how you go in League of Legends today~
1 lol
Pokemon League Generator (1,527)
This was originally going to be, "Pokemon Reigon Generator", but It had too many character...
Your League Title! (1,298)
If you were a champion of the league, what would your title be? Silly results are possible here.
What is your League of Legends champion ... (1,127)
Determines what kind of League of Legends champion you are.
League of Legends F/M/K (992)
Who do you screw, who do you marry, who do you kill? (For those that don't know, MF means Mi...
Your LoL Champion (897)
Predict the League of Legends champion you're destined to play! Also...
What's your LoL team? (882)
Who's in your League of Legends team?
Your League of Legends Stats (828)
A Radar Chart showing what your LoL stats are!
Your League of Legends Husbando! (742)
Which male League of Legends champion is the perfect match for you?
(LoL) What will your League champion be? (738)
Yourself as a League of Legends champion and how balanced you are.
DC Comics Villain Name (551)
Tells you what your name will be if you fight Batman, Superman, or the Justice League
League of Legends skins generator! (429)
Perfect for artists! 121 champions and 256 skin themes!
1 Games
Your LoL Life (418)
Your life in League of Legends
What Pokemon Badge do you possess? (403)
So you're a new gym leader...Find out who you replaced. By learning what badge you possess. *F...
You as a League Of Legends Champion (399)
You have been summoned into Summoner's Rift...but what role will you play in the inevitable bat...
League of Legends K:D:A and CS (367)
What is your KDA and CS in your League of Legends game.
1 LoL
League Of Legends Laning Phase (367)
Laning Phase time.
Which League of Legends champion are you... (327)
You as a champion in League of Legends
Your next LoL game today (311)
Predicts what your next League of Legends game be like and how it will end.
1 by @qmimmie
Which ward skin are you in League of Leg... (287)
Discover your inner ward.
What League of Legends champion are you? (281)
Updated 6/23/18 Made this because some of these didn't have all the champions, there are 140 ...
League of Legends Champion Generator (274)
generate a league of legends oc, some result combos are too long for twitter sorry but deal with it
What kind of League Player are you? (193)
Find out what kind of league player you are!
Overwatch League Skin for you (168)
One free chance, let the RNG choose a skin for you, if you don't know what to choose, write you...
What is your signature league build? (119)
Determine your signature league build with this shindan! I know you can find some champ-exclusive it...
What Overwatch League Skin Are You? (99)
A professional analysis to find out which Overwatch League skin fits you the best!
Can you be in GROCERY GANG (93)
do you have what it takes to be in the cool league? B)
League OC Generator ( ♀ ) (89)
Simple generator to make a female League of Legends OC.
What Rocket League car are you? (80)
Find out now!
Ramona&039;s League of Evil Exes (80)
What kind of evil ex would you be from Scott Pilgrim vs the World
Friend/Bang/Foe: Iron Leaguer (53)
Because I saw an askmeme on Tumblr and I felt like it. ...I've put almost everyone in it.
Your Overwatch League Fate (47)
who do you play for? what do you main? did you even make it past tryouts? find out here :p
[League Of Legends] Champion Yang Tepat ... (42)
Yuk Coba Champion Yang Tepat untuk mu ! ^_^
Story League OC Maker :XD: (40)
You just insert any name here, and boom, a character with stats randomized. Are you wondering what&#...
League&039;s Next Top Laner (23)
Find out the next new meta champ to abuse top lane!
SL Crew Generator! :kekw: (21)
Wanna make a crew in SL? Here's a place you can randomize stuff for your own fresh crew! Just i...
Chacharloul (1)
(。・ω・。)ノ♡ Anime and drama boi/ League player/ 🎬 Backstreet Rookie et My Private Life/ 🎵 How You...
Yola (1)
6’2 big league
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