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Your RWBY Life (68,404)
A OC generator, minus the name. You provide that. Have added main, support, villains and misc charac...
Body Type Generator[Female] (9,567)
Insert a character name here and get a body type including height, shape, type and breast size. Not ...
🌸Create a new OC!🌸 (4,305)
Do you have a really good name for an OC but you can't brainstorm their appearance? Do you just...
[RWBY] Relationships (4,074)
Suddenly, you're dropped into Remnant. You're lost, scared and confused. However, over tim...
What Male Character in RWBY is Your Brot... (3,485)
What male character in RWBY is your/Oc's brother. Now with Volume 4!
Servant to a RWBY Character (2,153)
You're a servant but who's? How you serve them is up to you ;) Added Volume 4 characters t...
B.A.P Slumber Party (1,907)
What goes on in this house stays in this house
You VS Team JNPR (1,428)
did this change again or am I crazy? Anyway, like the RWBY one but Team JNPR (pre-Volume 4)
~RWBY Theme Song~ (1,347)
The updated and improved version of my, RWBY theme song. Includes all songs from the show (even Volu...
Character design generator (1,346)
for when you're in a slump
RWBY Character Changer (1,293)
Like Seventh Sanctum's version only with rwby characters instead. Will have Volume4 characters.
How Insane Are You *FIXED* (1,099)
How Insane are You? (988)
What&039;s your booty type? (929)
we all got a booty, but how plump is your rump?
[RWBY] Pokemon (632)
If RWBY characters were actually in the universe of Pokémon, just who... would they be? -Volume 4 in...
Are you part of the illuminati? (614)
Are you the member of the illuminati? lets find out!
Super Mario Galaxy Generator (571)
What galaxy will your Luma TRANSFOOOORM into?
Mario OC Generator (562)
Make a Plumber OC for the Mario universe.
why is illumi crying today? (456)
find out what made illumi cry
What is your Esper ability? (398)
You're finally done with the Power Curriculum, and now you are finding your ability!
your lumps' description (339)
boobs boobs
Are you the leader of Illuminati? (266)
Which role of the illuminati community are you?
Kiss "LUM". (185)
Kiss "LUM":when you exceed a total point. The attitude of "LUM" changes by your ...
What do (182)
What shall I have for supper? (161)
Hestom Blumenthol
Your RWBY team (147)
Apologises if this is already a thing, includes volumes 1-6. I’m only including characters that we s...
r u illuminati (130)
u find tht out here
Trick or Treat || Plumargentum Halloween... (105)
Which assortment will you get? Hmmm all of em is intriguing but also annoying. Prepare yourself!
Kurikulum (102)
Cukup ketik nama panggilan OC
Which Devil Survivor 2 character are you... (96)
Includes characters from the Triangulum arc.
babyboom (71)
Plum summer activity prompt (67)
Kalo dapet member ga aktif, edit saja namanya pake nama lengkap/panggilan :3
[Malum] Future Wife Thing (61)
put your name in there and get a wife and happiness %.
[Malum] Future Husband Thing (57)
idk what i'm doing with my life k.
Luminous Love Confession! (46)
You've confessed to one of the members of Luminous! Who did you get?
do you have lumbago (35)
I'm real sick, John. Lumbago. It's a slow and painful death, my brother.
Worst Pendulum Show Ever (32)
Put a word any word in the field and find out what happens in the worst Pendulum performance that ne...
Luminous (25)
0 by @lumin32
Lumia (21)
just an artist
What&039;s your plumber-sona? (20)
Ever wondered what you'd be like as a plumber? Now you know!
Where do we go when we all die inside (18)
A twist on the new Billie Eillish ablum
Asylum of Despair (12)
What Asylum of Despair character do you kin?
0 by @uxzotl_
Callum (10)
Plumass Finder (10)
Find your fucking Plumass you cunt
Blahcisbloomblum (8)
Irradicalum (5)
crazy love bird (4)
Mané e Malandro 2.0 (4)
Vislumbre sua alma mais um vez, novamente
Vislumbre como é sua alma de verdade
Rzky (3)
0 by @JustRzky
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