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Your Korean Name! (89,030)
Get a Korean name here~! (Both masculine and feminine included)
your career as a kpop idol (124,721)
see title!
Your Love Story in K-Drama (57,250)
Diagnoses your love story in Korean Drama
Your Korean Names (40,452)
get your korean name
Who is your Mystic Messenger lover? (33,269)
Based on the Korean dating sim/otome game, Mystic Messenger! Edited as of 9/19/16!
18 by @aonyx
Your role in a kpop group (19,401)
Leader? Vocalist? Dancer?Maknae? Find out!
What Type of Idol Are You?? (15,956)
You're in a Korean idol group. This is your position. Get your tissue box ready.
Your Korean Name (14,268)
let's start!
How You Faced Korean Girl (11,939)
Diagnoses how you facedkorean girl
what is your k-pop song? (8,671)
Find out which k-pop song fits you!
Member BoyBand Korea yang cocok menjadi ... (7,864)
Masukkan Nama Kamu
Your Korean Surname (7,444)
Do you wanna know your Korean surname ? Find out here ! :D
What kpop song are you? (6,725)
What song describes your life. OuO
Your (random) kpop day! (5,104)
What will happen when you're in Korea? (」゜ロ゜)」 [Kpop]
Kpop Girls Night Out (5,058)
G.N.O with a girl... what will happen?
Who Will Kill You? (KPOP VER.) (4,350)
ya ya ya oppa doesnt like you he'll kill you
MASH, 2012 nugu idol edition! (4,320)
Play MASH with 2012 nugu oppars :D
My Kpop Saesang Life (4,166)
You are a wannabe ulzzang just dying to meet your bias! You love your oppa/unnie so much you move to...
Artis KOREA siapa yg akan melamarmu ? (4,000)
Artis KOREA siapa yg akan melamarmu ?
Your Exo Love (3,538)
You needs to get the sarang from your opparrrs. Find out how you and Korea's favourite twerk queens ...
What Girls&039; Generation Member Will Y... (3,289)
What Girls Generation Member Will You Marry? (Changes daily)
Who's your future husband in EXO? (2,554)
Just for fun. Don't take it seriously!
Siapa Aktor Korea Yg Mencium Dirimu Keti... (2,430)
Ini Khusus Cewek Silahkan Masukkan Namamu
KPOPPER (1,996)
Listens to Korean Music
which member of south korea's best gg do you vibe with?
Aktor Korea Yang Menjadi Partnermu Diran... (1,550)
Masukkan Nama Kamu
Korean Name (1,243)
You may think this is copying but this is my 1st shindan, i wanna make an easy one. Results change e...
Member Girlband Korea yang cocok menjadi... (1,018)
Masukkan Nama Kamu
Produce 48 audition! (969)
How did your Produce 48 audition go? Were you an AKB member or a Korean trainee? What was your posti...
Choose Your Korean husband (809)
Which TWICE Music Video Do You Live In? (760)
Which TWICE music video do you live in? Which member are you in that music video? Find out. Korean m...
Korean Names (711)
Diagnoses your korean name
Siapa Artis Korea Yg Mencium Dirimu Keti... (707)
Ini Khusus Cowok Silahkan Masukkan Namamu
Artis Korea Yang Menjadi Partnermu Diran... (687)
Masukkan Nama Kamu
What&039;s happening with 2PM? (653)
I'll let you be the judge of that
Check Korean Name (607)
Whats your name?
Korean Actor Will You Marry ? (513)
Which member of NU&039;EST is your bias? (463)
Which of the 5 members is your bias?
Which korean actor suit you. (390)
Who'll you get.
K-Pop Boy Group Profile (322)
If you were a member of a Korean boyband...
which call my name track are you? (287)
support got7 and stream call my name and figure out who u would be if u were a track on the mini-alb...
Member Girlband Korea yg cocok denganmu (252)
just iseng^^
Apink Album Title Generator (145)
your kpop playlist~✿ (133)
generates a kpop song list for you (includes b-sides and korean produced english/chinese/japanese so...
Koreanism (118)
When you have an obsession with anyone korean related. Korean boys, their dic-, girls, music, etc.
[Zero Game] Ability Rank (87)
Depicting your Ability Rank in the Korean Webtoon [Zero Game].
Member BoyBand Korea Yang Cocok Menjadi ... (77)
Siapa sih member boyband korea yg cocok menjadi kakakmu ?
Min (65)
0 by @Hozid417
IS IRENE KOREAS IT GIRL? what do you thi... (49)
dumb koreaboo (37)
i am stupid
0 by @milk_die1
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