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What turns you on? (32,604)
Ever wonder what kind of secret kinks you have?
Kink Checklist (14,571)
Get a random list—add emojis to show TL what you think about these kinks/fetishes/situations.
How kinky are you (7,541)
Let's see how kinky you really are
Furry Slut (6,342)
Ever wonder what you'd be like as a stereotypical furry cum dumpster? Well I do anyway.
what kinks do you have (5,084)
we know ur secrets
Dom|Sub Top|Btm (3,476)
What type of guy turns you on
Who in Haikyuu!! is gonna kink shame you... (3,369)
They try to be tolerant of some kinks, but yours is just going to far. (If you don't know what ...
What are your 3 kinks? (2,579)
Actual quiz
DONT KINKSHAME ME this is not actually a vore machine, it is a gore/vore generating generator. i bl...
Furry Kinkster Partner (2,077)
What is your ideal furry kinkster partner?
Kinks (1,715)
Diagnoses your [Favorite kinks]
0 kinks
Best Fursona Genorator (886)
The furry generator with the most options you'll be able to get your paws on. Does not include ...
What&039;s your kink? (734)
Just as the title says.
Yorick Bird&039;s Humiliating Hypnosis (674)
Yorick has hypnotized you and given you some new kinks! Find out what he's done to ruin you.
What&039;s ur kinks? (254)
What 3 kinks do you have? (joke one based off of my real one ill make)
kinks diagnosis (211)
a toe sucking today?
veronica kinkshaming device (126)
veronica sure has bad kinks, gintoki wheezed
Exo kinks (115)
Which exo kink are you most like?
Which 1 of Blender&039;s awful kinks are... (102)
this is supposed to be cringy
What Depeche Mode song should you listen... (56)
When you wanna be a kinkster but don't know what kink positive song to listen to.
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