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Your Strange Mental Illness? (7,357)
What strange mental illness will you get if you went utterly mad? ((just for fun folks~))
Your Rare Illness Is... (3,237)
What could be your rare illness?
{Random Mental Illness Generator} (2,203)
**This is not real** If you think you have a serious problem, talk to a professional! - https://www....
What type of Ode are you?? (Bravo! Encor... (199)
Find out what your symptoms are if you were to have the O illness from Bravo! Encore!!
0 Games
A doctor with strange patients... (140)
You are in left in charge of patients with odd illnesses
illness (14)
lil peep
Alex Adame (11)
Lonely loser that everyone thinks is weird but let that slide because it’s obvious that he’s sad and...
Liyn&039;s (10)
.mental illness
leftys illness (1)
its me
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