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Your Eventual Death from the Identity V ... (46)
Who, in a match with who (your best friend), and probability of revival (at least in my story). No R...
Shadowhuntersona (28)
0 by @prdsrstte
Ghoul Corruption (282)
FROM dA RP GROUP DEATH-HUNTERS not tokyo ghoul just. just making that clear
Seraph Corruption (448)
Seraph Corruption from dA RP group death-hunters not owari no seraph or whatever the kids are into n...
Death Hunters...Death (79)
What being are you? (Revamp) (229)
This is similar to my previous one BUT it now has some new things, I just didn't want to change...
What Being are you? (2,575)
Are you a Supernatural being or not? Find out today!
Your True Death-Hunters OTP! (55)
enter your name and see who you were destined to ship!
Death Hunters AU (31)
0 by @sigalawin
Shadowhunters (189)
who you are?
Your scifi bounty hunter (494)
Generates a profile for a sci-fi bounty hunter - great for drawing!
Mogami Ryouma dating sim (121)
how come you don't know who he is
What Region are you apart of? (241)
For Monster Hunters group!
0 by @Zakanakai
Digi-Love Hunting (1,160)
Digimon Hunters only
Create a diagnosis
Make your very own diagnosis!
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