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What RWBY Character will you train under... (11,098)
To become a Hunter/Huntress :-) OR something else! (like a teacher, club person, pun master etc) Fin...
Your Hatsu in HunterxHunter ! (9,347)
What will be your hatsu in Hunter x Hunter ?
What kind of Warrior Cat are you? (6,782)
What would your life be if you were a cat in Erin Hunter's Warriors series?
Hunter x Hunter Interaction (5,841)
Diagnoses your fortune with Hunter x Hunter characters.
Your Monster Hunter Monster! (4,216)
Which large/leader monster would you be in the Monster Hunter world.
You're a HUNTER! (3,374)
You in the world of Hunter x Hunter
3 HxH
Hunter x Hunter: Skills (2,935)
OK, so you've got the basics of Nen down, but which of the advanced techniques are you most sui...
Who is your Hunter x Hunter waifu? (2,903)
whos ur love
What Being are you? (2,013)
Are you a Supernatural being or not? Find out today!
Which Hunter x Hunter character are you? (2,002)
what it says on the tin. doesn't include ALL characters, but i got pretty close. changes daily.
Hunter x Hunter Hatsu (1,925)
Check your compatibility with the six types of nen; the highest score is your natural type. Of the t...
Hunter x Hunter: Stats (1,761)
So you're learning Nen. Learn your base stats are now.
oppaihunter (1,733)
0 by @eskodox
Hunter x Hunter Nen Test (1,657)
Check Your Nen Type. Info anime terlengkap, kunjungi http://animeas.pun.bz
your hunter x hunter persona! i'm rewatching the show and need an outlet
What Monster Hunter creature would you b... (1,394)
Limited to main series Monster Hunter monsters Updated for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne
Monster Hunter: Personified Monster Waif... (1,301)
Digi-Love Hunting (1,065)
Digimon Hunters only
Hunterpedia (1,031)
if you were a hunter x hunter character
Which Monster Hunter Weapon Should you U... (1,028)
For use with friends
0 by @Vocallied
Monster Hunter scenario (920)
Don't expect a successful hunt.
What Hunter x Hunter Character Is Your H... (916)
Who is your HxH husband? Take this quiz to find out!
Your Monster Hunter transformation! (910)
During a hunt, you seemed to drink a tad too much.. (Will include VERY lewd or odd results!)
Hunter x Hunter Nen Type (782)
HxH Nen type
what hunter x hunter character are you? (639)
exactly what the title says
demonhunter (637)
metal, satan, pizza
Monster Hunter Monster Generator (622)
Creates a monster hunter monster name and stats from your name. You can also use this as inspiration...
Your hatsu in Hunter x Hunter (574)
What is your hatsu ?
Are You Strong In Hunter x Hunter (512)
Well, are you?
Monster Hunter (470)
Happy Hunting
What Type of Hunter Are You? (466)
There's many types of hunters in HxH, which one are you?
Your hatsu in Hunter x Hunter ! (450)
What would be your hatsu in Hunter x Hunter ?
Your scifi bounty hunter (435)
Generates a profile for a sci-fi bounty hunter - great for drawing!
Danganronpa Kin Assigner (417)
this is for you hunter
Your Nen Type (409)
What's your nen type from Hunter x Hunter
Hunter x Hunter Hatsu Generator (399)
Hunter x Hunter Hatsu Generator
What would be your nen beast in Hunter x... (390)
Put your hand into the pot and...
Random Hunter x Hunter Character (387)
If you need a random HxH character then here they are.
Seraph Corruption (386)
Seraph Corruption from dA RP group death-hunters not owari no seraph or whatever the kids are into n...
Who&039;s your favorite Hunter x Hunter ... (371)
[Monster Hunter] Ideal Hunter (362)
Monster Hunter
How will be your Monster Hunter&039;s de... (320)
WARNING: results may be accurate or hilarious, sometimes and sadly, both
Tes stats dans Hunter x Hunter ! (301)
Quelles seraient tes stats ?
Which Identity V character are you?? (291)
Hunter or survivor.
Today in Monster Hunter (283)
What happened to you in Monster Hunter today??
Ghoul Corruption (253)
FROM dA RP GROUP DEATH-HUNTERS not tokyo ghoul just. just making that clear
Survivors OC Generator (250)
Survivors is a book series created by Erin Hunter about dogs surviving after an earthquake destroys ...
Random Hunter x Hunter Group (246)
I don't know what you will need it to, but here it is
What is your hunter x hunter nen type? (225)
Find out which nen type you are.
What Region are you apart of? (218)
For Monster Hunters group!
0 by @Zakanakai
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