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One night out !!NSFW!! !!FURRY!! !!EXPL... (35,189)
It's Friday night and all the furs are heading to Yiffé, the hot new gay bar in town. You innoc...
Your Furry Male Locker Room Scene Genera... (18,123)
You've had a long workout and it's time to head to the locker room and shower up. As you t...
Your Battle Cry (15,654)
Need to shout something before beheading or eviscerating your enemies? Try this.
What Type Of &039;Dere&039; Are You? (13,419)
Go ahead
Out of your friends which are you? (11,267)
Rabid, incel, crackhead, quirky, or horse girl
Gratuitous Furry Smut Prompt (10,785)
NSFW results ahead! Get a drawing/writing prompt for your next furry pr0n project!
A tentacle monster lies in front of you. What fate lies ahead of you!?
2 by @Kiyobi
Your Furry Male College Roommate Generat... (10,329)
It's time to head to college and you'll be sharing a dorm with someone. Hopefully they are...
Your Furry Gay Bartender Generator! (8,710)
After a long and stressful day at work, it's time to head to the bar and have a drink before he...
Your Furry Male Fantasy Adventure Partne... (7,388)
Upon heading into the Tavern, you contemplate just what kind of partner you will encounter inside. H...
Shrunk in a Furry High School (7,259)
The lunch bell rings, and you head to the Chem lab in search of your missing homework. Whoops! You s...
You&039;re feeling light-headed... (5,871)
whatever floats your bloat [some NSFW results]
Your News Headline! (5,480)
You're on the front page of the news! But what are they saying about you?
4 by @Mytholite
What K-Pop Scandal will you be in? (5,334)
*MULTIFANDOM* Find out what the headline of your scandal will be! Some funny results
Who in Haikyuu!! is gonna kink shame you... (4,465)
They try to be tolerant of some kinks, but yours is just going to far. (If you don't know what ...
Head Inflation & Balloonification (4,396)
Drinking that strange potion wasn't the best idea. Now you're feeling a bit light headed.....
your nct seoulmate (3,960)
which crackhead will it be c: nkjndfjs
OC Situation Creator (3,674)
A Shindan that gives you a situation for your OC (or yourself, a canon character, a real person, etc...
tanjiro&039;s forehead (2,382)
oooooAAAAAAAAAa (demon generator coming soon!?)
Shitty Headcanon Generator (2,146)
Enter a character to get the dumbest hc ever
Content Analyzer (2,058)
Input your opinions, headcanons, or true/false statements and get an analysis
bad tumblr headcanon generator (2,049)
you too, can be a woke feminist bae
Object Head Generator (1,982)
What kind of Object Head are you?
Your Wizarding Wand! (1,731)
Ever want a wand like the famous Harry Potter? Here is your chance to head to Hogwarts!
Party hard with NCT (1,694)
Have a party with NCT!~ (Caution: VERY weird stuff ahead!)
Which Ateez member will vore you (1,488)
ion know shit about vore it was just the first thing that popped up in my head :3
crackhead energy (1,291)
how much crackhead energy you have
Which Studio Ghibli Film Are You? (1,239)
Look at the title Also, these are just the ones I can name from the top of my head, sorry if I miss...
Foetidus Ad Pueros (Frat House) (WIP) (1,146)
You had recently joined a fraternity nearby, you hoped all it would gift you would be a nice place t...
What are u addicted to? (1,138)
Crackheadass nigga
which member of stray kids is beautiful (1,052)
aND NEEDS TO GET THAT THROUGH HIS THICK HEAD ALREADY!!!!! all of the members are beautiful but this ...
VIBE_CH3CKER.exe (999)
Horny? Dumbass? Baby? Cursed? How about clownish? Maybe a dash of crackhead? Find out today. Get you...
What weapon do you use? (942)
My head hurts
Yowamushi Pedal Gender Headcanon (927)
Find Out Whom You Headcanon As What Gender
Your death headline (882)
What will the news headline be when you die?
What food are you? (BTS crackhead editio... (876)
I’m very bored
What&039;s the next top deck in Shadowve... (853)
nerfs almost here? not enough to complain about? need to get ahead of the game? find out the next to...
Your Sexy Toku Story (843)
Find out what type of sexy tokusatsu hero or villain you will be and what journey lies ahead.
Your facial charms (774)
All about your charming face.
Who are your headmates? (710)
Everyone OBVIOUSLY has fictional characters living inside their head! Find out which ones dwell with...
You&039;re in a news headline! (674)
You make it to the front page of a popular newspaper. What does the headline say?
1 News
its monster time (620)
mostly a monster/anthro character generator? originally centered around my dumb headworld but edited...
Your New &039;Sona (583)
Like fursona or witchsona, but I'm making most of these up from the top of my head (and most ar...
****Marry, Kill - Oso version (536)
I'm sorry ahead of time
Bed, Wed, Behead: Ylissean Edition (533)
You know I had to do it. Includes all first-generation characters, plus the SpotPass Six.
Your unique tiara! (515)
Your tiara. It goes on your head.
Which A3! character will give you a head... (509)
hehehe come get your headpats
Magic weight set [FMG] (484)
[Female Muscle Growth] You are unsatisfied with your current shape, so you decided to head to the gy...
Headmaster's thoughts of you (471)
What does Mona think of you?
Character Shape Theory Design (419)
This defines the shapes for an original character. For example, Jafar from Aladdin has a small verti...
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