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Harry Potter OC generator (17,841)
Who would you be?
You as a Hogwarts student (12,073)
yur a wizard
Which Hogwarts House are u in? (7,537)
Tells you what house you would be in Hogwarts from Harry Potter
Harry Potter OC generator (Widzorożce Ol... (6,953)
Generator stworzony do wyzwania na grupie "Widzorożce Olsikowej" na facebooku. W okienko n...
Your HP character (6,861)
Your wand, Hogwarts house, blood state, patronus
Your Wizarding Wand! (2,107)
Ever want a wand like the famous Harry Potter? Here is your chance to head to Hogwarts!
If you're a spell (1,894)
What sort of spell are you in Harry Potter world?
What kind of wizard would you be? (1,689)
(if you were in a harry potter kind of book) your powers, your weaknesses, your strengths, the type ...
Your life in Hogwarts (1,652)
Your life and future in the Wizarding World. To make this more interesting, let's assume, that ...
harry potter signature spell (1,391)
what would your fave spell be??
2 by @VisualCry
harry potter soulmate (1,381)
find that special someone hehe
Who would be in your army? (899)
If you had to fight or go on an epic adventure like Frodo or Harry, who would accompany you?
Potter's Pentagon Adventure (880)
What would happen if you were a Potter's Pentagon character?
Make a Harry Potter OC (862)
Create your own original character for the book and movie series, Harry Potter.
who is stalking you from Harry Potter? (825)
Hello there muggles.. lets find out who is really stalking you shall we?
What kind of magical girl would you be? (820)
A pretty thorough description of you as a magical girl.
Wingardium Leviosa (677)
Stahp it, Ron, Staaaaahhhhhp!
which Harry Potter Characters are you? (591)
hello there Muggles!! out here.. lets find out which one are you?
Harry Potter Character Profile (588)
Character Profiles for Hogwarts themed characters with names, but no background (as of yet)
Harry Potter Wand Shop (587)
The wand chooses the witch/wizard! Find out what core, wood, and quality your wand would have!
what harry potter boy you gon smash (528)
i have no life
wich harry potter character are you (438)
let me know if I did anything wrong or I missed anyone ill add them
What Is your Wand?? (422)
Inspired my Harry potter
0 by @NasaChan_
What is your house in Harry Potter ? (419)
You just received your admission letter for Hogwarts. Get on your broom, sorcerer's apprentice ...
Apa Mobilmu? :v (414)
Tentukan mobil impianmu disini :v follow my twitter > @Harry_taker
which song on fine line are you (302)
stream fine line by harry styles
Harry Potter Randomizer (286)
bleep bloop
Which Harry Potter Character Would Smash... (259)
Idk man.
Harry Potter Cosplay group (215)
Con que personaje vas a janguear?
harry potter simulation (204)
welcome to the sorting hat can i take your order
Welche Form hätte dein Patronus? (148)
Wenn du in Harry Potter einen Patronus beschwören würdest, welche Form hätte er?
The Sorting Hat [EXTENDED] (147)
Which Hogwarts/Ilvermorny house will you be in?
Harry Styles Date (144)
fun with harry styles
Harry Potter characters (142)
Jak pomiędzy wylosowanymi przez ciebie postaciami mogło dojść do miłości?
Harry Potter cosplay group 2 (139)
con que personaje vas a janguear?
which fine line song are you? (112)
you sunshine, you temptress.
Harry Potter - What is my Patronus? (95)
Your Patronus? Now! Expecially for the HP fans ^^ Show off in Twitter if you got a rare one ^:3
0 1D
Which ateez member will u live in HP uni... (88)
Harry Potter and Ateez
Harrypotter (72)
cristina (14)
harry styles enthusiastic
Love for Harry (7)
How big is your love for Harry? ❤
Namar (6)
Shindanharry (1)
hipeanutharry (0)
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