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What kind of Doitsu are you? (3,085)
Doitsu- a fish or a Japanese word for Germany
Would Germany date you? (746)
See if Germany from hetalia would date you.
German Cosplay Community Bullshittery (666)
find out who you ~*truly*~ are!
Which German Beautyqueen are you???? (408)
BIBIII <33333
Which German word are you? (296)
Gives you a German word with a literal translation and no context or explanation whatsoever. Most of...
What German WWII Tank Are You? (169)
first shindan that I've created?
Which German KanColle fleet are you? (128)
Which German KanColle fleet are you?
german (19)
Wie gut passt du mit Germanletsplay zusa... (9)
Finde es heraus.
Viddraws (4)
Goth 1920s horror German expressionism
Gracegerman (1)
Grace german
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