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Character creator for BNHA (40,342)
Enter your name and find your appearance and quirk listed Along with your friends and crush.
Your Furry Male Blind Date Generator! (25,124)
You've been set up for a blind date by your friends. They promise that this guy is a hunk and t...
Why You're Alone (16,399)
Find out why you're oh-so-alone...
What Anime Girl Archetype Are You? Poll (14,200)
Create a Twitter poll using your results and ask your friends to vote on which they think you most a...
Out of your friends which are you? (11,855)
Rabid, incel, crackhead, quirky, or horse girl
your dangan ronpa execution! (11,550)
u shouldnt have murdered ur friends bruh
How'd Your Relationship End? (11,462)
Rookies are busy these days and can't have girlfriends. How did your break up end?
What kind of deity are you? (7,669)
This is based on something me and a few friends did.
How would you look as a video game chara... (6,824)
So you and your friends are arguing over who can beat who in a fight and you want someone or somethi...
Furry Sleepover: Shrinking Shenanigans (6,613)
Sleepovers - those magical nights that turn into mornings as you pass the hours away with good frien...
Persona Character/OC Generator (6,523)
this makes a COMPLETELY ORIGINAL PERSONA OC!! all school names, personas, etc are original!!! go wil...
Who is your lovely soul mate? (6,213)
Every result will come true one day! [edit: joke for friends!!]
MLP: Design Yourself! (5,188)
What will your Friendship is Magic self look like?
How Fattening Will You Be? (4,780)
Simply input the name of a predator (someone you know, a species, a crush, whatever!), and we will c...
Have you been slain by Thanos? (4,755)
Have you, your friends, or your favorite characters been snapped out of existence by the almighty Th...
nct as your friends (4,532)
b b be my bff cause idk what's coming next
What friends think? (4,364)
Know what your friends think you really are!
Does anybody like you? (4,004)
Find out today... (UPDATE 5/11/17) (as in tags - it's about romantic/sexual love, not friends!)
1 Love by @FyneQ
Find out your role in the Persona univer... (3,757)
What persona do you have, what's your arcana, what's your level and who are you friends wi...
Which undertale chara would you be frien... (3,755)
You in Kimetsu No Yaiba / Demon Slayer (3,449)
what are you in kny? who are you friends with? who are your enemies?
Magic Potion Roulette (3,229)
I challenge you to write in your friends names and write a story.
What Girl Are You In Your Friend Group? (3,221)
Find out what type of girl you are in your friend group!
Undertale relationship shindan (3,164)
Find out if a character would dislike you or be friends with you.
What Pokemon would be your companion? (3,049)
Find out what Pokemon would be your companion in the Pokemon world. (Unevolved Pokemon only, no lege...
How big is yo dick? (2,978)
Brag to your friends
Danganronpa Talent (2,856)
Find out the talent of your oc, *you* or your friends!
Female Japanese name generator :) (2,726)
Made for my friends on yansim fanon wiki
VIXX friends!~ (2,658)
Who from VIXX will you befriend with first?
Hetalia Gakuen life! (2,641)
Your friends, best classmates, boy/girlfriends~ etc.
DONT KINKSHAME ME this is not actually a vore machine, it is a gore/vore generating generator. i bl...
Your Life in The MDZS Universe (2,569)
Find out which sect you're in, who your friends are, who your cultivation partner is, etc.
You're thinking of.... (2,278)
READ HERE FIRST!! - Think of the first person/thing/image that came to your mind when your question ...
A boyfriend appears! (2,149)
How can there possibly be this many adorable boyfriends!?
What Percent Popular Are You? (2,124)
Find out how popular you really are!
find something new to argue with your friends about! any result from this is just about as ridiculou...
What will you and an EXO member&039;s fu... (1,841)
Will you be friends? lovers? enemies? frenemies?
Pokémon Legacy (1,638)
Based on a Pokémon story AU made by my friends and I. Which legendary do you gain the powers of, and...
Which Eeveelution are you? (1,541)
Find out which Eeveelution you or your friends are!
Persona and Friend (1,538)
your persona and best friend from persona 4
[Vore] What&039;s your Haunted House fat... (1,497)
You and your friends are exploring a strange old house where everything wants to eat you. Can you su...
How many girlfriends/boyfriend (1,434)
Diagnoses how many gf/bfs you have.
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Morality Detector (1,351)
Evaluates the goodness of your moral fibers! Lie to your parents, shock friends, and more with this ...
Hows your life with Ayumu? (1,268)
Ayumu always want his friends to be bigger than him, so you've just moved with him, how big you...
Button Poppers (1,220)
Do you want your buttons to pop? Or a maybe a friends? Put a name in and see how those buttons pop! ...
Who is your soul mate? (1,190)
[for friends only]
what ur friends say about u (1,190)
ur friends DEFINITELY say stuff behind ur back it could be positive or negative idk
Edgy Steven Universe AU generator (1,169)
A generator for coming up with weird Steven Universe AU'S to share with your friends.
~OC Generator~ (1,138)
pls share with your artist friends! <3
Fairy Tail Life (1,129)
Find out how your life is in FT, boyfriend/girlfriend, best friends, guild, magic and much more! I h...
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