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Your Pokemon Type Specialization (71,767)
Do you train Dark types, or maybe Fairy types? Find out!
10 by @tr00la
Fairy Tail OC Generator (43,759)
Generate a fairy tail character!
Fairy Tail Magic Generator (20,827)
Get Random magic for your character
Your Fairy Tail Story! (19,582)
See what guild you'd be in and what type of mage you'd be!
Your Exo Fairytale (8,760)
Which exo member will you share a fairytale with?
Your Guild (6,794)
Which guild do you belong to?
Your Role in Fairy Tail (4,305)
Find out what your role is in the Fairy Tail universe owo
Fairy Tail waifu (3,322)
your FT waifu:з
Your Fairy Tail Life (3,284)
How would you live in this magical world?
FairyTail magic✧ (2,788)
your type magic in FT
Whats your Fairy Tail Magic? (2,736)
Fairy Tail OC Generator P2 (2,435)
Part two to the Fairy Tail OC Generator! What is your OC's Background Story? This is my first ...
fairytale persona (2,169)
cool character designs. if you end up making art from this hmu! i wanna see ;; (twt: @lannahhasola /...
inspired by the witchsona generator...i know its for witchsona week specifically, but i wanted to ma...
You are a [BLANK]SLAYER (1,929)
But Natsu will probably still kick your ass. Protagonist OP powers, deal with it.
Fairy Tail OC Generator P1 (1,855)
Generate a Fairy Tail OC, go to p2 for your OC's background story and more! :3 This is my firs...
Fairy Tail magic and guild. (1,749)
Your Fairy tail magic and guild.
Fairy Generator! (1,689)
What would you be like as a fairy? o:
Fairy Tail reincarnations (1,615)
Who are you going to be reborned as?
0 by @Thierrry_
How you look like as a fantasy anime cha... (1,450)
Are you an elf, a fairy or maybe a mermaid? Find out how you look like as a fantasy Anime character
What Fairy Tail Guild are you really in? (1,404)
Features all the Guilds. Even ones that don't exist anymore.
What Fairy Tail character are you? (1,338)
Fairy Tail Anime!~
Where&039;s your guild mark and what col... (1,336)
Where would you have your fairy tail guild mark and what colour? (First shindan maker I made)
Fae/Faerie generator (1,167)
find out your fae type or use as an Fae OC
Fairy tail Guilds (1,124)
What Fairy Tail guild are you in?
You as a fairytale character (1,112)
Find out what's your fairytale character is
Who&039;s your Fairy Tail BF? (1,059)
Find out what fairy tail man is yours ;)
Your Fairy Tail OC! (1,052)
Watch the anime Fairy Tail? Find out what your life would be like if you were in it!
Fairy Tail Magic Power (1,041)
Who teaches you magic? [Fairy Tail] (1,038)
Who taught you everything you need to know about magic and built up your strength?
Who is your Fairy Tail love? (1,013)
Who is your Fairy Tail love + character?
Favorite FT Guild (992)
What is your favorite guild in Fairy Tail?
Fairy Tail Life (978)
Find out how your life is in FT, boyfriend/girlfriend, best friends, guild, magic and much more! I h...
Your Fairy Tail Character&039;s magic (893)
Some Of these are made up
Your FairyTail Mage (872)
What person are you in the world of FairyTail
Fairy (869)
Find out what you would look like as a fairy :3
Which Fairy Tail character are you? (851)
Find out which Fairy Tail character you are! Celestial spirits not included
Fairy Tail Random Class Generator (818)
Get a random rank in your guild.
🍃🎐Fairy Persona🎐🍃 (763)
Discover what type of fairy you are
Which Guild in Fairy Tail? (746)
What you guild in Fairy Tail?
[Pokémon] What&039;s your type? (742)
Are you a Fire type Pokémon? A dragon-slaughtering Fairy type? A gentle Grass type? Or something com...
Fairy Tail Female Love Partner (739)
Find out which of the Fairy Tail ladies would be your perfect match!
Your fantasy profession! (685)
Are you a Pop Idol Cowboy? or a Fencer Fairy? Find out!
Your Fairy Tail best friend (656)
tells you your fairy tail best friend
Fairy tail Boyfriend (613)
Who is your fairy tail boyfriend?
What boy from Fairy Tail will marry you? (557)
Just the question above
Who do you marry in fairy tail (533)
This is my first thing
1 Anime
Fairy/Pixie Generator! (484)
Magical powers bestowed on a tiny, floating humanoid!
1 by @aonyx
Kamu Masuk Guild Apa? Dan Siapa Partnerm... (474)
Buat Penggemar Fairy Tail XD
Your Fairy Tail boyfriend (462)
You're going out with a guy from the anime, Fairy Tail
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