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How much of each dere are you? (168,066)
Yan? Tsun? Kuu? See which way you lean most when loving your symbol of affection.
My Hero Academia: Quirk Generator + Stat... (338)
Simply place down your name, and discover what Quirk manifested with in you! Pretend you are with Al...
what girl group energy do you give off? (134,296)
which girl group do you vibe with the most
Ethnicity generator (37,976)
This generator will give you an ethnicity. Since people can be many different mixes of ethnicities r...
Hot! 11
3 Emoji Designs (7,512)
Flex your creativity by making a design based off three randomly generated emoji.
Lightweight Inflation (11,131)
Floaty stuff, for all your bouncy needs~
WoF Dragon Generator (1,489)
Find out what kind of dragon you'd be from the Wings of Fire series, with some other stuff too!
How you'll look in an anime (376,160)
I really like this kind of stuff ._. Have Fun (^-^)
Who are you as a waifu? (129,111)
Hair color, height, cup size, all that. Use google if you don't understand any terms and stuff.
a ship prompt/AU (96,119)
Put the name of a ship.Probs like 31% fluff, 3% crack, 66% angst; you've been WARNED
Psycho-Pass Scan (89,645)
The Dominator will now scan your Criminal Coefficient under the Sibyl System. But maybe Sibyl has ot...
Your RWBY Life (76,476)
A OC generator, minus the name. You provide that. Have added main, support, villains and misc charac...
who is ur kpop idol soulmate (44,547)
there are two different outcomes to this diagnosis.
Your Kpop Future (43,458)
Find out who you marry, how many kids you have, where you live, and who your BFFs are :)
Furry Dad Generator (37,858)
What would your anthromorphic father be? (Contains dad stuff, not to be taken seriously)
One night out !!NSFW!! !!FURRY!! !!EXPL... (33,990)
It's Friday night and all the furs are heading to Yiffé, the hot new gay bar in town. You innoc...
NO DREAMIES cause they too young except for BFF
How obese will you get and why? (31,947)
Yet another generator that describes how awfully fat your character has gotten and how they ended up...
KPOP Affairs (Male idols) (28,646)
For fangirls, be mentally prepared though. (Primarily SM Ent) *Please don't anti lol*
7 kpop
What is your anime fate? (26,887)
What kind of stereotypical anime affliction will be the end of you?
Inflation Situation Generation (25,450)
Feel free to use for creative process
Which vibe do you give off 😳 (24,146)
Have u 😋😋😋 ever thought 😳😳😳😳 about what 🤔🤔🤔vibe you give off ????? 😱😱😱😱
relationship with stray kids (21,502)
based off my nct one
Short Scenario with EXO (21,344)
your short fluffy or smutty scenario with an EXO member
9 by @shineean
Fate Grand Order Female Confession! (19,505)
(based off the kurobasu and MAGI confession) You've built up the courage to ask out your favou...
What Fate Grand Order Female will you ma... (19,124)
base off What Naruto character will you marry? the original here : https://en.shindanmaker.com/47617...
Magical Girl Life (18,161)
U become magical!! (warning: u may suffer)
Short Scenario with SHINee (17,979)
your short fluffy or smutty scenario with one SHINee member or more
6 by @shineean
Your Furry Male Random Hook-Up Generator... (17,961)
After swapping a few messages on Yiffr, you agree to meet this sexy guy and do some hot and naughty ...
Your Brand New Fursona Generator! (17,545)
Not feeling yourself? Furry fandom got you down? Perhaps you need a hard reset on your fursona! A si...
Overeating (17,430)
How gluttonous are you?
Going to the Gym (15,001)
This is one for the many fetishists out there. Includes a different array, but not including gore an...
Your Chuunibyou identity (14,103)
The secret persona you imagined while suffering from Chuunibyou
What kind of waifu are you? (13,756)
let see what waifu are you...
Short Scenario with Infinite (13,512)
your short fluffy or smutty scenario with one Infinite member or more
7 by @shineean
Weight Gain Drabble Generator (13,284)
Wanna write some chub stuff but don't have any ideas? Or maybe you just want a challenge. Well,...
Fetishtopia (12,734)
This is one for the many fetishists out there. Includes a different array, but not including gore, s...
Your Tweetheart stats (11,610)
What makes you the Tweetheart you are? Random stats that you're better not knowing off what the...
What&039;s your Miracusona? (11,063)
Miracusona Generator - Change capitalization for different results
Ship Success Meter (11,039)
100 different, permanent, results for your shipping needs!
ship prompts/AUs (10,675)
just put in your favorite ships name for some sweet fluffy prompts! you can use the 'alternativ...
What friend vibes do you give off? (10,604)
you won’t understand
Plus Ultra Quirk Generator (10,594)
A Quirk Shindan for Boku No Hero Academia / My Hero Academia. We have officially reached our goal of...
Your bad ending in Final Fantasy XIV (10,520)
How your character will meet their fate in FFXIV. By RJAIN // seinobyte
Puff-a-person generator (9,837)
Input a name, and see how said person is going to be taken care of by the MYSTERIOUS INFLATEY VIBES....
Your Furry Wrestling Debut! (9,520)
The Furry Wrestling League (FWL) is full of strong, brutish men who love to wrestle and pin each oth...
NCT and You (9,201)
random stuff with you and nct members!
2 nct
How you will wipe your FFXIV party (9,155)
Find out why everyone's yelling in the Discord.
What kind of husbando are you? (8,568)
well lets judge what is your husbando type and what will you do to your waifu.
Your Kemono Hookup (8,551)
is rly good. There are some weird rare results shuffled in...
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