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Conversation with KPOP idol (37,436)
How you will meet your oppars etc (fangirls only)
14 kpop
Your Ideal Boyfriend (31,017)
For kpopers and fangirl only :D
18 Kpop
KPOP Affairs (Male idols) (29,462)
For fangirls, be mentally prepared though. (Primarily SM Ent) *Please don't anti lol*
7 kpop
Your Confession to Oppa (28,442)
For Fangirls..
What fangirl are you? (21,048)
Find out what type of fangirl you are like ^^
Your Kpop lover (20,630)
Fangirls only LOL
3 Kpop
Your BIGBANG Husband (13,797)
*Fangirls only* ^-^
Your SUPER JUNIOR husband. (12,812)
For fangirls only.
Your BEAST husband. (9,372)
For fangirls only.
Your BTOB husband. (6,700)
For fangirls only.
Your EXO Couple (4,456)
Here is your future
UtaPri kiss Time! (4,024)
Who would kiss you? For fangirls~~
Diabolik Lovers Kiss Time!! (3,261)
Who's going to suck your blood? For fangirls <3
Your FT Island Husband (1,857)
Diagnoses who is your husband in FT Island. Fangirl ONLY!!
Why oppa want to marry you? (1,723)
his favorite part of you (1,357)
just for fangirl xD
What type of Fangirl are you? (1,281)
CLICK HERE TO KNOW THE MEANING!!!!!!!!!! http://paperfury.com/the-10-types-of-fangirls/
Who&039;s your Black Butler date? 〜(✧ω✧)... (1,112)
Because I'm too much of a fangirl XD
SUJU dorm~ (1,037)
what awaits you in super junior dorm? *FANGIRLS ONLY* some might hurt you though
Fangirl/Fanboy meter! (743)
Are you a fanboy/fangirl? THIS IS YOUR TEST!
When you meet U-Kiss (554)
Fangirling level
You Marry with ______ and have ___ son and ___ daughter. And you cheating with ______.
0 Love
Boyfriend in EXO (301)
fangirl only ,
The Fangirl's Lovestory (248)
Please ignore the removed spaces, it was too long
K-fangirling (120)
0 by @diniwrt
Son-In-Law (89)
Diagnoses your mom's decision to be your husband. (Fangirls)
Are you Seme or Uke (85)
See if you will be Seme or Uke in Yaoi manga. For fangirls/fanboys only.
1 Yaoi
babybyun02 (44)
Just... fangirl
Fangirl.exe (36)
how bucin are you (14)
find out how bucin you are to your idol or crush!! bucin: a word that describes how in love you are ...
0 Love by @noy69ri
Hi und so ^-^ (11)
Edward ist eine Elfe die eine Discokugel verschluckt hat I Fangirl I 13 I extrem klein (1,73M) I Man...
Exo yeojachingu (7)
0 by @dks_shin
Fangirl (5)
I love lai guanlin and bae jinyoung, oh sehun is my number one
marj (4)
nathasya (4)
Fangirl who blessed in every way
Clary (1)
abiii (0)
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