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Inner Giantess (9,882)
She drinks a glowing vial of time-release growth serum. It will bring out her inner giantess & p...
Magic Transformation Drinks!!! (4,178)
What would you like to drink? Surely nothing will happen.
Vending Machine Danshi (3,927)
This is a magic vending machine which dispenses random drinks. Your name is the coin, are you ready ...
Creepypasta sexual partner (1,372)
which one of the famous protagonists of creepy pastas visits you friday nights after a few drinks?
You Are a Mixed Drink (1,278)
You are a mixed drink. Would you drink yourself?
What would you drink most as a Cybertron... (1,149)
With the many drinks and beverages throughout The Transformers' many many universes having a p...
Boba Tea (505)
What is your favourite drink? (320)
Reveals what kind of drink you like?
Did you steal fizzy lifting drinks? (261)
Find out if you stole fizzy lifting drinks. (There is more than 1 answer.)
Drink Generator (163)
It generates a drink with the name you type in. Don't use your name, use a random drink name. ...
Monster Food and Drink Generator (141)
Disclaimer: This is for entertainment purposes only. Some food/drinks will be inedible. Disclaimer #...
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Manga Mixology (45)
Try these crazy Manga drinks for that special Otaku Taste!
Your Concession Stand (35)
Overpriced drinks and food are yours to command, when you have your own concession stand!
givemetheguac (2)
20 year old girl who’s into music and going out for drinks
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