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PP check (4,884)
PP traits test
ClydeTheSkeleton (673)
Similar to Sans he suffers depression from a non-caring death. but he loves jokes and is seen wearin...
Dumb bitch uwu (86)
Big depression
Daily Fortune (SOTA EDITION) (41)
will you pass your tests? which teacher will save you today from your crippling depression? what sho...
Depression hunger wrath (36)
Have fun
0 by @nettie182
Griffins depression (21)
Sad sad sad die die die
Nishikori (19)
Depression because nishikori lost
faiiry (11)
I'm a top and a hopeless romantic who is also a retard. I play games for fun but also addicted....
Fran (7)
anything and everything including, but not limited to: intese moodswings, denial, rapid intakes of m...
abrynzzz (4)
abr6yn Fye SHIT BRO check out my YT 🤡
Zeddy weddy (4)
Loves being nurtured by her loved one Really indecisive Sad baby Gets angry at thots Hates people b...
jill catanzaro (1)
i love art, i fall in love easily. I get attached to people. i love people way more than i should an...
emma. (1)
a dumb bitch with crippling depression
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