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Cringe-o-Meter (51,335)
Rate your cringe!
5 Cringe
How Cringey Are You? (4,536)
Something to see how cringey you are ;)
Cringometer (1,241)
how cringe are you
0 by @ziffinon
What is your BTS OTP? (1,044)
cringe with me
What cringe are you? (376)
The title.
What is your cringe type/level? (307)
What type of cringe are you? Are you at the point of no return?
kek or cringe (139)
Are you Kek or Cringe?
Bruh Based Boomer Cringe Us Same Moment (130)
Cringe Kingdom Shindan Thing (/r/fnafcri... (126)
I honestly don't know what this is or why it exists.
0 reddit
Cringe bruh (84)
Posting Quality Rater (59)
This rates someone's posting as based, cringe, redpilled, and yikes. Additionally, it determine...
Are The Sir Cringe of Gay? (59)
If you're the Cringe of gay then I bow down to you
What would your life be like in a YA nov... (55)
Find out which YA trope you are! Cringey, cute and romantic!
Based Check (41)
check of you're based and redpilled or cringe and bluepilled and more
0 by @dannyxanr
cringe (37)
what&039;s IMFACT to you (30)
the cringe saga continues, check my other shindans
jamal (30)
he is the cringe overlord
Vito Minecraft (26)
Cringe So Much
nyanthie&039;s kek or cringe (14)
0 by @an0if
CringeKek (13)
Are you CRINGE or KEK???
0 by @zTechnium
larrieswemadeit (9)
cringe machine
Cine te iubeste (2)
Da stiu Cine cu cine si va fi cringe
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