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a ship prompt/AU (101,440)
Put the name of a ship.Probs like 31% fluff, 3% crack, 66% angst; you've been WARNED
Out of your friends which are you? (12,351)
Rabid, incel, crackhead, quirky, or horse girl
are you addicted to crack (10,985)
the two wolves will decide
1 by @Windeauxs
What is Your Nen Type and Ability? (7,273)
What type are you and what can u do? Crack generator.
your nct seoulmate (6,997)
which crackhead will it be c: nkjndfjs
PERSONA (6,568)
know your arcana and weapon! half crack half serious
Brejen&039;s Vore Generator (4,633)
I've seen a ton of different shindanmakers now, and decided to take a crack at it! So, what wil...
top/bottom/switch and why (3,120)
do not take anything here seriously...im on crack, constantly!
VOCALOID pairing generator (3,115)
Will you find a decent pairing? A hilarious crack pairing? Or even an OTP? Let's see! (Includes UTAU...
Dangan Ronpa Crack Ship Generator (2,644)
Includes (main?) characters from Trigger Happy Havoc, Goodbye Despair Academy, The End of Kibougamin...
enstars crack ship/prompt generator (2,188)
put in your name (or a character's), it will generate a ship and a prompt LEON IS KOGAS DOG NO...
Crack Shipping Generator (1,519)
generate a crack shipping
Your Relationship with nct (1,517)
2 Nct by @Qilz13
crackhead energy (1,346)
how much crackhead energy you have
VIBE_CH3CKER.exe (1,290)
Horny? Dumbass? Baby? Cursed? How about clownish? Maybe a dash of crackhead? Find out today. Get you...
Crackship Generator, Undertale Edition (1,254)
self explanatory
What are u addicted to? (1,248)
Crackheadass nigga
Your aichuu OTP (1,022)
Great for crackships
johnnys/kishidan ship creator (806)
which johnnys/kishidan pairing should you ship today?
EXO cracked (805)
Crackship Generator, Homestuck Edition (803)
self explanatory??
Your Newly Designated Yowamushi Pedal OT... (777)
Enter your name to learn what crackship you're likely to think up next!!
EXO frick frack (772)
Your wedding with an utaite (731)
What ur wedding(plus honey moon)would be like with an utaite(very random as heck) (I might add more ...
Kagepro crack pairing (729)
No Kagepro ships end well
Crack Naruto Situation (719)
What kind of mafu dream will you have? (663)
Just as what the title says. Another crack shindan cause of amino again:3
DAMMED Crack generator (660)
Generates DAMMED crack pairings...basically.
Crack RPG (633)
Find out what your class and weakness is in a game of nonsense!
JoJo&039;s Bizarre Ship Generator (628)
Crack ships, crack ships, come get your crack ships! Randomly chooses 2 JJBA characters from ALL par...
What does the salty king soraru say abou... (601)
Just like what the title says, will you pass as his maso slave or pass as his salty queen?
Who&039;s utaite love child are you? (554)
complete randomness on who ur utaite parents are(all of this was made cause of a chat made in amino)
What is your One Piece crack ship? (529)
There is literally no purpose to this but have fun!
ZZ R18 Crack Pairing Prompt Generator (500)
y'all are thirsty as hell
Morphos Metaphor CRACK (496)
Morphos metaphor Shindan Maker CRACK ver.
the ULTIMATE FG crack pairing (427)
what are they doing with who and who is that in the closet? fill in the name of your character.
The next fanfiction will be about (414)
Stuck writing a fanfiction? Well look no further! This generator will give you material you can use ...
Which Dancestor Ship Are You? (407)
I tried. Includes lots of crack ships. UPDATE: Tells you which character you would be in said ship...
wHO IS YO SEME? (402)
Fire Emblem Fates Parings (309)
Cute parings, gay parings, clonecest ,incest, twincest, crack paring etc. What should you ship? Or ...
Crackship Generator, Steven Universe Edi... (263)
self explanatory
ee crackships (251)
you knew it was coming
Your Overwatch Crack Ship (239)
we take two random characters and smash them together
Crackhead Haikyuu (226)
Ik it’s weird and it’s ok but like crackhead with haikyuu boys and girls
your crackhead kpop story (222)
Mayoiga crack theory generator (214)
You really have too much time on your hands.
0 Anime
Produce 101 Life (211)
Will you be the most famous trainee? A huge success? Or will you be remembered as the trainee who di...
FujoCafe Crack OTP Generator (207)
Use this Generator to make yourself a crack pairing for FujoshiCafe. Use them for RPs or for Smut Sa...
Proposal by a Touken Danshi (206)
How do they propose to you? Contains varying degree of crack.
Do you have crackhead energy (188)
Find out now! Or don't. I dunno.
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