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Love confession (136,367)
Who will confess their love to you?
Love Letter Confession!~ (97,683)
There's something in your locker... What could be hidden within this heart-stamped envelope?!
43 by @_emitan_
Confession (80,599)
How will your confession turn out?
Your Confession to Oppa (28,432)
For Fangirls..
Ensemble Stars Love Confession (21,992)
You've confessed to one of the Enstars boys! How will he react?
Fate Grand Order Female Confession! (20,717)
(based off the kurobasu and MAGI confession) You've built up the courage to ask out your favou...
Kuroko no Baske Confession (20,676)
You finally confessed to your crush! How does it go?
Love Live - Love Confession (14,841)
Will your Love Live idol accept your confession of love?!
Your crush confess to you! (12,165)
what will you answer? (revert ver. of confession shindan)
Ensemble Stars Hate Confession (11,819)
You've said "I hate you" to one of the Enstars boys! How will he react?
VOCALOID's confession! (9,967)
A vocaloid confessed to you. Find out who it is and how it was!
Your Deep Dark Secret (7,803)
Confess to Twitter!
Fate Grand Order male Confession! (5,530)
(based off the kurobasu and MAGI confession) You've built up the courage to ask out your favour...
Touken Danshi&039;s Confession (5,175)
Your sword boy has something to tell you. What's your reaction?
5 Games
Love Live - Hate Confession (4,601)
You've said I hate you to a Love Live character! What's gonna happen?!
Confess to your Crush (4,288)
What do you think will happen?
Confess To HypMic Character. (2,924)
What will they react? (I'm inserting Nemu too, btw) Edit: New division too. + Ichijiku + Otome
Confess to Aomine (2,859)
it won't go well...
Crush (2,736)
IDOLiSH7 confession (2,652)
Confess your love to your idols! Includes TRIGGER members and other characters...
VOCALOID Love (2,506)
which vocaloid loves you
The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls - Confes... (2,364)
You've built up the courage to ask out your favourite idol. How does she react?
Confess to Akashi (1,946)
for leslie because she needs it
How SJ will confess to you? (1,944)
How will he say that he loves you?
Gintama Confession! (1,717)
You confessed to your crush. How was it? (based off the kurobasu confession!)
What Will You Say To Senpai? (1,502)
Today is the day you're going to confess to Senpai , what will you say/do? (i will add more on...
Aichuu love confession simulator (1,372)
You have confessed to a certain Aichuu! How did they react?
MAGI confession! (1,338)
You confessed to your crush. How was it? (based off the kurobasu confession!)
How do you confess/propose? (1,332)
The title says it all.
How will you dump Rem? (1,254)
Rem just confessed her undying feelings for you, what do you do?
What if the aichuu&039;s confessed to yo... (1,213)
Find out how will an aichuu confess their love to you
Anime-like love confession ?! (1,030)
What if you were an anime or manga character and were about to confess your love ?! Will you follow ...
LoX confession (898)
confess to someone in LoX heh heh
Nogidoko Valentine&039;s Day (818)
Valentine's Day Nogidoko episode. How will your confession go?
Genderbent VOCALOID Love (785)
which vocaloid genderbend loves you
Devil Survivor 1&2 Confession (706)
You've confessed on Friday night!
how would a btob member confess to u (664)
title says it all
Code Geass confession (656)
You confess to Code Geass/Code Geass Akito characters. Will you get a Happy END or Bad END
Confessions NSFW Nyanderful (529)
which ateez member will confess to you a... (518)
find out which ateez member has a crush on you and how will he confess 💌
2 by @artmnhyk
Someone in A3! wants to confess to you! (495)
Just a bunch of lines from sites I found~ Will it be happy? Will it be angsty? Play to find out! I u...
Kurobasu love confession (489)
Which Kurobasu character will confess their love to you ?
Male Daemons Confession (447)
Imagine that AGG is an otome game, and now these guys confess to you :v
Love confessions (k-pop, suju) (387)
How'll your idol react if you confess your love to him? (Super Junior)
0 by @a_egyo
Should you confess your love? (358)
Find out if your love is matched!
what kh meme are you (294)
Fabworld Confessions (276)
Confess to one of the male regulars in fabworld?
Heavens Confession (245)
You confess to a Heavens member but do they feel the same way?
Fabworld Confessions girl ver (218)
Confess to a fabworld girl?
CLAC Confession (200)
Apa yang terjadi kalo OC kamu membuat pengakuan cinta
0 by @n3kozuki
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