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Become an Internet Star! (1,871)
Find out how to make it big on the internet!
Your Celebrity experience (703)
What will happen on your next encounter with a celebrity
your true celebrity waifu (606)
find your tru celebrity waifu
Your Celebrity Family. (575)
Your dream.
Which female celeb are you? (428)
Which female celeb will you be transformed into??? Find out here
How high are your chances with your fav ... (345)
Ars Longa, Vita Brevis
Who Kins You? (300)
doubles invalid
Will You Ever Meet Your Celebrity Crush? (271)
This Quiz Is Not Meant To Be Taken Seriously.
Celebrity Soul Mate (172)
Just enter your name to find out who you are destined to be with.
Which bio celeb shares your soul? (165)
find your guru
What celebrity loves you (147)
Find out who loves you.
your life as a kpop celebrity (132)
you read the title :)
2 by @lovykh
Which celebrity said your fab? (127)
Which celebrity said your fab?
Whats Your Spirit Celebrity (123)
What is your soul celebrity
Family Guy Cutaway Gag Generator (123)
It generates cutaway gags based on the Family Guy formula: Lead In, Situation, Celebrity.
How did Amanda Palmer break up with you? (79)
Your relationship with Amanda Palmer has been a little rocky lately. How did she break the news to y...
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