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Doa Ibu (1)
Dapat menetralkan segala attack
What&039;s Your Anime Special attack? (193)
you know how in anime characters get these awesome flashy moves with really cool (or sometimes reall...
What is your special attack? (1,330)
Find out your special attack and how powerful it is.
The Ruin sin affinity (70)
Amount of affinity tells how many skills related to sin can use use for attack deck
0    by @TheArQu
Your brand new special attack! (176)
Need a flashy ability to weaken or defeat your foe? Well, give this one a shot!
Dragonball Stats (227)
Dragonball Skills KI is energy reserves, Speed is speed, Strength is basic attacks, Stamina is self ...
Shingeki no Kyojin Diagnosis (351)
Create your own Snk OC or look what you could have been by being in the apocalyptic world of Attack ...
RPG Power Stats (547)
Do you have the skills to be in an RPG Game? Lets find out!! (Covers Health, Power, Defense, Magic ...
Your Tales Mystic Arte (412)
Unleash your randomly generated ultimate attack! Inspired by the Tales Series.
Smooth Criminal (34)
Can change the colors of the universe, causing a epilepsy attack on every user, being alley or enemy...
Which Anime Trap Are You? (872)
(note) I tried to make sure all of the characters were male and not trans females. don't attack...
Thunder Cross Split Attack (20)
Dire is unleashing his most powerful move! Are you able to dodge this one?
who in bts attacked you? (15,005)
you’ve been attacked 😩
your life as an attack no. 1 character (34)
if you were an attack character, your life would be like...
Wott&039;s Edgy Chuuni Attack Name Gener... (186)
Generating stupid attack names.
คู่ต่อสู้ของคุณ ใน The Struggle Attack! (29)
คู่ต่อสู้ของคุณ ใน The Struggle Attack! คือใครกันนะ....
0 by @hereduzk
Your Housamo Weapon/Attack Style (199)
I have not seen ANY housamo shindan's on this website, So I'm going to make my own
Meet your FBI agent (72)
Pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. (not all results are positive. please don't attack...
Your EDF OC (61)
To save our mother Earth from any alien attack From vicious giant insects who have once again come b...
Fantasy Feral Feline Attack (169)
You are captured by a big sexy male magical feline beast. What is your fate?
3 by @Vinea2000
Attack on Titan: Your Statistics (1,211)
Who are you in the world of Attack On Titan?
What does your ki attack look like? (264)
What does your ki attack look like?
Thorn&039;s Cyberattack (91)
Find out what happens when Thorn the virus infects one of your electronic devices!
Your Attack on Titan Story (1,402)
You joined the Scouting Legion. What's your story?
Attack on Titan OC (797)
Who are you in SnK?
Your Labirinth of Touhou Moveset. (228)
What's it gonna be? A physical attacker? A Mage? A healer? Check it out!
1 by @7r1ckst4r
What is your Attack on Titan character? ... (642)
basically the title. The names are memeified
Estadísticas aleatorias (38)
Stats y cosas.
What will levi do when he sees you? (1,598)
What will levi from attack on titan do when he sees you?
Your Theme (329)
Find out what your life's theme is! It can be filled with happiness, orchestral, intense, or ca...
keijo attack generator (1,081)
find out your innate keijo special attack
kiran (3)
a vampire kingdom that had been considered serene suddenly attacked by a group of demons who want to...
S o n j a (256)
Misao, Rune Factory, Fairy tail, Passionate hate for SAO, Fire Emblem, Elfen lied, Vocaloid, Food, F...
Zane The Dark God (16)
Attack and defense
Attack/Defence/Speed Stats (63,145)
Find out your stats! Are they good or.....not so good?
RPG Final Attack (292)
What will your final attack be called?
Silly Name + Attack (1,336)
I don't even know
[Attack] (39)
0 by @RaZept
Your Special Technique (1,718)
Shows your special technique with a plethora of results to be chosen!
What&039;s Your Special Attack? (4,999)
Find out what your attacks called and the amount of damage it'll cause~!
What are your abilities? (938)
What are your attacks and abilities?(largely inspired by Final Fantasy)
Your Unique Digimon (5,095)
Draw your own digimon just like Takato. Can't find inspiration? I'm here to help. This ran...
Undertale OC generator (13,264)
Your DBZ Ultimate Move name. (3,429)
This is your most ultra mega super dooper amazing ultimate powerful attack.
Magical Girl Attack Generator (1,416)
Make sure to shout this next time you're in a fight
what attack team are you a member of (108)
Your ultra series attack team.
Who should you ship in SNK? (612)
This will show you who you should ship in SNK / Attack on Titan.
Ultimate Attack or whatever (505)
What's your ultimate attack? probably not this.
Your Signature Attack (1,193)
Countless characters in action series have their own signature attack they are known for, find yours...
Attack on Titan OC character generator (5,114)
Create a random character by entering the chosen name.
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