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Assassination Classroom Enrollment (2,597)
Input a name to find out why you entered Class E and what methods you use against Korosensei.
Who will assinate you? (1,122)
Diagnoses who will assassinate you and what weapon they will use.
0 by @Elecpat1
Fate/Grand Order (Assassin) (824)
Assassin Class Only
What&039;s your Akuma no Riddle wish and... (515)
You're tasked with killing Ishinose Haru, do you succeed? If you do, what's your reward?
"Assassin&039;s Pride" Class (408)
Which Assassination Classroom Class Are ... (368)
Find out which of the classes you would be in if you were going to Kunugigaoka Junior High School in...
AC Multiplayer Character (211)
Which Assassin's Creed III Multiplayer character are you?
0 Games
What are you as a unit? (206)
A test run on a unit system. Stars: 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|Omni|God Classes: Warrior, Tank, Duelist, Arch...
Assassin OC (140)
An assassin oc generator
Surgi&039;s Assassin status (80)
What skills do you have, assassin?
[FR] Ton assassinatueur (18)
Qui t'as tué et pourquoi.. :c
Vali der Tradat (8)
Assassins class in anygame
Leonheagle (2)
Je suis un assassin ninja , cherche pas sa existe pas
0 by @Leonou59
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