HOT Shindan(2)

The HOT Shindan counts the diagnosis frequency over the last few hours, targeting all the diagnosis and displays up to the TOP200. The ranking is updated once every hour between 0 and 10 minutes.
51. Tokyo Ghoul oc generator (48,363)
title says all
52. How much of each dere are you? (64,385)
Yan? Tsun? Kuu? See which way you lean most when loving your symbol of affection.
53. Which Pokemon would you be? (70,056)
Find out your Pokémon alter ego.
54. How adorable are you? (119,754)
Test your adorableness! <:3
55. Love confession (126,035)
Who will confess their love to you?
56. How KAWAII are you? (160,876)
Know how kawaii you are.
57. witchsona (188,636)
double, double, toil and trouble...
110 by @heartmush
58. Bloodborne Character, Oath and Death Ran... (118)
Randomizes a character from the pool of available equipment. Oaths are from the covenant runes. Deat...
59. Your Doki Doki Literature Club OC&039;s ... (3,755)
Doki Doki Literature Club is still in, right? 10/10 would get scared/sad again. Trigger warning, obv...
60. Your Personal Weapon (13,036)
Generates a random weapon with its own stats, element, name and more.
61. RWBY Weapon Generator 2 (82,871)
What other weapon will you have in RWBY?
62. Your Animal Form (10,416)
What animal form would you have in the world of "To Belong"? See what type of mammal, bird...
63. Magical Girl Maker (17,878)
A magical girl generator based on the one made by @starryblush (which I can't find now).
64. OTP prompt generator (51,247)
Type in OTP/Pair/Character names! makes better sense if written ' character ' AND ' ...
65. Your DEMON LOOKS~ (5,150)
So... What would you look like as a demon?
66. In a parallel universum (5,425)
Who are you in an parallel universum?
67. YOU ARE A DRAGON~! (5,693)
Don't eat me.
68. What magic do you use (7,031)
from Aeromancers to Vitamancers and witch race are you and what race are you
69. Who is your (secret) Ensemble Stars Love... (8,927)
Forbidden Love between idol and producer!!!
70. Your anime life! (11,901)
Shindan that shows you what you could be in your anime life!!
71. Your Touhou Spell Card! (15,085)
Millions of combinations! What's the name of your special attack in Touhou?
72. Naruto Character Generator (17,513)
Cement your place in the Naruto canon.
73. Your new OC (20,040)
This will generate a new OC for you!
30 OC
74. How much you fap? (22,528)
Just for boys, obviously.
75. You are AN ANIME CHARACTER~ (25,487)
What would you look like?
76. Your transformation (29,961)
Normal form is not enough?TRANSFORM INTO EPIC!
77. Your life with BTS (41,827)
Who will you marry?
78. How are you in bed? (51,803)
Let's find out~
79. Your Stats! (58,119)
D rank= low SSS rank= highest
80. Who likes you?... (70,135)
Hmmm... is it a hot/cute person? Let's see! :D
22 Love Luck
81. Your death (93,378)
Learn about how you will die.
16 by @killy642
82. What you're lacking (107,726)
Tips to make yourself a better person.
83. Your Tsundere Meter! (305,082)
Diagnoses your Tsundere Level
84. [TE] สุ่มไส้โมจิไอศกรีม (2)
[สำหรับงานวัฒนธรรมโรงเรียนฮาบาทากิ ปี 1] พร้อมแล้วที่จะสุ่มไส้โมจิไอศกรีมล่ะก็ ใส่ (ชื่อ + ลูกที่) ไ...
0 by @TE_TYuuta
85. What Marvel Superhero Are You (67)
86. RWBY character generator (44,331)
Tells you your look, weapon and semblance
87. RWBY Weapon Generator (206,964)
What weapon will you have in RWBY?
88. What&039;s your government assigned kin? (84,664)
get your kins here
89. Which Yoongi Is Your Boyfriend? (247)
idk what do i place here
90. Your monster girl waifu! (665)
unoriginal but good
91. BTS Scenario: Morning (1,171)
Sho-o-ort scenario.
92. Fire Emblem Heroes Generator (14,625)
(includes chart!) You've been summoned into Fire Emblem Heroes! What kind of character are you?
93. 🌸Create a new OC!🌸 (808)
Do you have a really good name for an OC but you can't brainstorm their appearance? Do you just...
94. Miraculous OC Generator! (2,933)
Miraculous!-ly make your own superhero to fight with Ladybug and Chat!
95. fgo kin assigner (1,545)
find out now
96. Who is your Owari No Seraph Boyfriend? (544)
Ever wondered who is your daily Daddy?
97. What kind of anime dad are you? (879)
Are you the dadliest dad, or just a deadbeat?
98. Your post-apocalyptic Idol OC! (1,030)
The world has gone to ruin, and you're a cute idol girl! What kind will you be?
99. What Mermaid Are You (1,123)
discover your undersea personality
100. OC Creator (1,242)
An OC Creator mostly used just to make filler charries. Yup. -nods smartly- Gender, Age, Hair, Eyes,...
2 by @TwiFyre
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