Diagnosis rankings for 11/05/2019

Daily rankings shows up to 200 items based on the number of times a diagnosis was taken up to the day prior.It shows data since December 7, 2010.
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1. Vibe Check (1,153,575)
Come get y'all vibes checked
2. Boomer Test (271,685)
Do you boom or coom?
3. Straight Test (343,187)
Input a name to determine how straight you actually are.
4. Your E-boy levels (212,653)
What type of Eboy you are
5. Personality Alignment- cursed edition (298,022)
find out how cursed, uwu, soft, horny, feral, baby, chaotic and stupid you are
6. horny check (67,981)
how horny u
7. What’s your true position? (298,924)
The highest result is your true (bedroom) position
8. How Attractive are you from 1-100? (61,931)
This will tell you your attractiveness from 1 to 100. (Please remember that this is all for FUN! Ple...
9. Thot meter (831,032)
How much of a thot are you?
10. What are your stats as a waifu? (421,649)
How good of a waifu are you? Take this shindan to find out!
11. How THICC are you?!? (189,634)
What percentage of thicc are you
12. Whats your type? (300,196)
What type of person are you into?
13. The perfect nickname (231,568)
Calculate here your perfect nickname!
14. Retard Horoscope (31,036)
Want to know how retarded you'll be today? We got ur back, friend.
15. your uwu energies (36,783)
find out your uwu energy
16. What Vibe Do You Give Off? [real] (96,836)
What vibe do you give off? This one gives actual results rather than "subscribe to Kurtis Conne...
17. your high school stereotype (109,838)
18. God Stats (201,066)
This diagnoses uses the chart function =CHART() in order to create a radar chart.
19. U a top or bottom? (333,747)
Are you a top or bottom in your relationships? Edit: if it says you’re a virgin, I intended it a...
20. Whore Levels (41,837)
YOU are a whore
21. Random OC Generator! (635,029)
An OC generator I made because I was struggling to think of OC ideas. I tried to put as much detail ...
22. What’s your aesthetic (36,335)
23. Edgy Levels (31,476)
What makes you edgy?
24. Seven Sins (152,189)
What is your biggest sin? (Values range from 1 to 10)
25. Will you kill yourself? (12,822)
Will you though?
26. 「Your Stand」 (484,756)
What is your JoJo stand? (includes chart :^)
27. 【Vibe Check】 (38,041)
Check your vibes
28. How perverted are you? (3,586,626)
Find out how perverted you are
Hot! 147
29. ~Sub or Dom Chart~ (40,479)
Are you a sub or dom? a top or bottom?
30. How adorable are you? (242,612)
Test your adorableness! <:3
31. Weeb Check (11,382)
What is your weebage?
32. My Hero Academia Quirk (646,788)
What's your quirk?
33. True Gender (148,756)
Are you TRULY sure what your gender is?
Hot! 39
34. how pure are u (209,546)
made by me
35. are you addicted to crack (9,254)
the two wolves will decide
36. How are you in bed? (153,477)
Let's find out~
Hot! 37
37. virgin? (9,784)
are u a virgin
Hot! 1 by @lauwley
38. what your demon version looks like (68,641)
this is you as demon
39. Positions ;)) (23,498)
You'll see ;)
40. Eboy Levels (23,953)
To test ebony leveness
41. Magical girl generator (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。 (148,826)
What would you look like if you were a magical girl!!!!!! pls tag me in drawings of your mahou shou...
42. Your Personal Weapon (120,323)
Generates a random weapon with its own stats, element, name and more.
43. what kind of egirl are you (19,062)
do be an egrill
44. How much of a gamer are you? (8,284)
This is your gamer level.
1 by @mirlo2hu
45. Age Guesser 2.0 (9,267)
I’ll guess your age!
46. Are you Alpha, Beta, Omega (78,823)
Find Out /(^ 0 ^)/
47. Your Level of Furry (77,028)
How much of a furry are you
48. Curse Level (7,185)
Diagnose your cursed power.
49. can you fight god? (40,897)
hi!! this is just a "god"/all powerful figure in general!! not trying to be mean against p...
50. Your Inner Psychopath Percentage (57,466)
Check out how crazy your inner self is...
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