About ShindanMaker (Q&A)

Thank you for using this website. This page includes a description of this website as well as a summary of all the questions the users have asked so far.
*Refer to the Message Blog for the latest updates/changes to website functions.
What is ShindanMaker
It is a website that allows any person to easily create a [comical diagnosis/horoscope] for their own person by simply entering their name. (The original meaning of the word [SHINDAN] as used on this website is that of diagnosis, but it is also used to mean [horoscope]).
How diagnosis results are determined
Shindanmaker works by randomly allocating results in accordance with the [name that was entered]. In other words, it is similar to drawing omikuji (written fortunes). It should be treated as a [caricature diagnosis].
Why are the diagnosis results different depending whether upper case or lower case characters are used?
Diagnosis results are allocated based on the characters used in the name that was entered, and since upper case and lower case letters in the alphabet are recognized as separate letters, the results will also differ.
How many persons have been diagnosed?
The number of [persons which have been diagnosed], which also influences each ranking, is not counted as the number of times a diagnosis is made. Rather, it is counted with several items of information used for such diagnosis. Accordingly, the number of persons which is diagnosed stays the same no matter how many times the same diagnosis is executed. (The number of persons which have been diagnosed is displayed on each page and updated every few minutes. Please note that at times this number does not change immediately.)
About NG words
Some set violent or vulgar words may be replaced by symbol ●/* in the diagnosis results. Such NG words may be frequently updated however, we would like to refrain from making such contents public.
Things to remember when tweeting diagnosis results on Twitter
Remember to check Twitter Terms of Use when tweeting the diagnosis results displayed on this website using Twitter. Please be aware that irrespective of the content of the diagnosis result, all responsibility for any statements on Twitter lies with the user and not with this website.
About Hashtags
Hashtags are used as a grouping function for comments on Twitter. When a diagnosis is created with hashtags which are already being used on Twitter, tweets on the original topic of discussion and tweets on the diagnosis results may get mixed up and [hashtags which are already used on Twitter] cannot be registered. Hashtags which are used on ShindanMaker for the first time are checked automatically. Hashtags which were already registered once on ShindanMaker can be registered thereafter as well. Only one hashtag can be used for one diagnosis. (Please note that if hashtags which have been registered with the previous specifications were used on Twitter prior to being registered, they may be removed).
If you have any other questions,
Please contact @shindanmaker_cs from Twitter. (In Japanese or English, please.) Message
Please note that it will take us a few days to send a reply. Also, please note that we cannot assist you or reply in connection with the following contents.
  • Altering/deleting a diagnosis which was created without being logged in
  • Individual inquiries about/requests to delete problematic diagnosis (Please use the [Report] function displayed on each diagnosis page)
  • Ads, partnering (Currently, we cannot accommodate these requests)
  • NG words
  • Questions about contents which are already discussed on this page.
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