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multi, hwang hyunjin is my ult
in ur heart bb


Diagnosed by 1,013 people.
1. cheesy situations with PENTAGON members (21)
(ot9) some are really cheesy, please make me stop
2. PENTAGON bias (ot10) (22)
lemme choose your ptg bias
3. random situation with a The Boyz member (21)
i don't even know anymore
4. A.C.E as your classmates (12)
i'm trying to stop making these
5. what's IMFACT to you (3)
the cringe saga continues, check my other shindans
6. your NCT soulmate (ot21) (619)
at this point i'm just bored af
7. which SEVENTEEN body part are you (38)
sometimes u gotta do what u gotta do
8. what are Stray Kids members to you (63)
this is really cringy but i did it anyway
9. TXT bias (57)
i'll choose your txt bias
10. i'll recommend you 3 kpop songs (30)
so... yeah
11. kpop boygroup you should stan (24)
let's get it
12. the boyz bias (95)
i'll choose ur bias if u don't have one
13. 1team bias (9)
if you have yet to choose a bias i can take care of it, please stan these big babies
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