lunacyPサマ 💉 デレステ4周年 ♡ (248 + free pulls?/300)
@yukihohagiwara Twitter
yohane oshi + riamuP + yukiho/megumiP forever ☆ loona + general gg stan and Chuu Appreciator ♡ late teenager with a heart of glass ☆ play style savvy (she/her)
a kind world (massachusetts)


Total people diagnosed : 579 people
1. cinderella girls passion unit generator (35)
create your own passion idol unit!
2. cinderella girls cool unit generator (19)
create your own cool idol unit!
3. cinderella girls cute unit generator (24)
create your own cute idol unit!
4. what is your battle girl high school otp (140)
i'm here to provide some Quality Yuri
5. cinderella girls unit generator (all typ... (361)
generate a random idol unit!
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