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Youngmin Bermuda Triangle


Total people diagnosed : 94,208 people
1. Your Kpop Idol Profile (20,284)
If you were in a Kpop group, what kind of idol would you be? (This is like my only serious Shindan s...
2. What Is Your Kpop Stage Name? (65,500)
A brand new idol group is about to debut, featuring you! What is your awesome stage name??
3. Kpop Wedding~ (2,874)
You and oppa/noona get married!! What will the wedding theme be????
4. Kpop Pet Name ♥︎ (2,271)
What does Oppa call you~?
5. Anime with BOYFRIEND~! (1,558)
What happens when you watch anime with a member of Boyfriend...???
6. Vacation with BOYFRIEND (660)
A romantic getaway...??
7. Meeting BOYFRIEND~~! (1,061)
You finally get to meet Boyfriend! What will happen...?!?!?!
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