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stray kids nine or none
in felixs arms || 🇺🇸🇵🇭


Total people diagnosed : 3,550 people
1. who’s energy do you radiate from treasur... (132)
i smell like beeeeeeeeeeeeeef
2. your true treasure 13 bias (173)
hi welcome to chilis
3. who is your treasure13 soulmate? (180)
i have the power of the god and anime on my side *weird hand motions*
4. your relation with nct dream (1,260)
whats your relation with the dreamies? including mark!!!
5. kiss marry and kill with stray kids! (1,368)
and i oop-
6. love story with treasure13 (158)
7. whos your treasure 13 boyfriend? (279)
take yoonbins hand
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