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※BL注意!腐女子、時間ある時は録音。歌うことが好きだけど下手。社会人になってから現実逃避が今までになって一番強く感じてる。Mainly BL/yaoi. Not Japanese so no worries, I speak English! 中文也没问题!Feel free to follow!
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1. How irresistible are you? (10,422)
What/who likes you so much? Are you really that irresistible? Maybe seiyuu, or animals or anything i...
2. Shindan Love (438)
How much does ShindanMaker like you? The more, the more desirable will be for your other shindan res...
3. Your followers (54,387)
Ever wondered why people follow you? Maybe this shindan can give you the reason why!
4. Your anime role! (14,700)
If you had a role in an anime, will it be plain, over-the-top, random or completely nonsensical?
5. Gintoki Says (4,312)
Sakata Gintoki has something to say to you. What does he say?
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