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22 @xNekawa es mi bae guapa. ☆DaveJade & Maya Fey defense squad☆ Sobrevivo a base de otps y muchos videojuegos. The Light inside is Hope. »Rogue of Blood. »µ's.


Total people diagnosed : 7,889 people
1. What Nekista you are? (25)
2. What sacred weapon you carry? (3,962)
There's so many sacred weapons in Fire Emblem saga, what's yours?
3. On what continent of Fire Emblem you liv... (1,174)
All of them are pretty, don't worry.
4. Your Fire Emblem lord crush (1,788)
They're awesome
5. What Fire Emblem game you are? (940)
Because there're 14, not only Awakening.
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