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Total people diagnosed : 13,821 people
1. Traditional Halloweensona (1,925)
I couldn't find anythin' like it, so here!
2. Animal RPG thingydoo (949)
A cute idea that came to mind
3. What is your Type of Divination? (464)
What's a God to a Non-Believer?
4. Jay's RWBY Weapon Maker (4,689)
fite me m8
5. MCBK Witch Maker (557)
You're a witch from MCBK, but let's clarify what exactly that is.
6. Which Rick and Morty Character Are You? (603)
Rick and Morty may be in the title, but there are at least 4 more people
7. Hex Code Generator (636)
Color Codes for Color Code Needs
8. Jay's God Tier Title* (118)
*probably not accurate
9. Jay's RPS/ADB Generator (21)
which breed b u
10. Jay's Monster Parts (53)
how did THAT get there
11. Jay's Monster Generator (104)
be a spoop
12. Jay's Random Stuff Generator (505)
homestuck land? random objects/concepts? this is the place for you! we got everything from a table t...
13. Jay's Personal OC Generator (108)
for my own use i dont think you'll get much use out of it
14. Jay's Gem, Gem Placement, and Weapo... (3,089)
i made this with my own internet
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