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I rolled into twitter like a gigantic pudding covered in gravy. Queer ace trans man. Absolutely not a YouTuber. [💉 8/27/15] [Jack • 34 • he/him • white]


Total people diagnosed : 5,808 people
1. [Dragon Age] Romance Generator (1,092)
Find out who you're going to romance, and how you'll win their heart.
2. [Dragon Age] How will you die? (695)
If you were an NPC in the Dragon Age universe, how and where would you die?
3. [Dragon Age] Your New OTP (449)
Who should you ship? Let me tell you.
4. [Mass Effect] Character Generator (439)
Generate your own Mass Effect dossier.
5. [Mass Effect] Name Your Weapon! (1,610)
Not sure what to name your first weapon in Mass Effect Andromeda? Let me help.
6. Which Quantum Break character are you? (26)
Find out which Quantum Break character you are.
7. FFXIV Horny Hour (1,497)
Who are you going to spend horny hour with?
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